Baby Must Haves
October 8, 2021

Lets chat baby must haves! I am a firm believer in less is more, especially when we lived in the city in an apartment. Diapers, wipes, a good velcro swaddle, a baby carrier and lots of love are honestly my “must haves” for a newborn, but a lot of you have reached out asking me to compile a list of my go-tos, so I thought about my top 10 and listed them out below. We are just over two weeks in with having Landon “earth side” and it is funny how quickly things come back to you. I talked about this on Stories the other day, but when we had Logan I read about reggae music soothing babies, especially Bob Marley – Three Little Birds and it has been spot on with both of our boys. When chaos breaks loose (and it will), just blast Three Little Birds on repeat and calmness with quickly take over. That and deep lunges or squats seem to do the trick when fussy!

Logan’s hat // Landon’s hat

Anyways, I am starting to digress, but wanted to share that tip as well as bubbles when your little one is a bit more alert. If you do the music + bubble combo you will be good to go…promise! So, lets get into my top 10 baby must haves, if you all have any favorites, please list them in the comments below for me and others to see! Hope you find this post a little bit helpful and if you are a mama-to-be or new mama, you (and we) got this! You are strong and amazing and the days can seem long, but they go FAST. I tear up often thinking about Logan already being 2.5 years old and remembering when he was little like Landon, so soak in all the crazy, happy, wild moments while you can.

Also, check back in on my Instagram Stories today, going to have a fun giveaway with one of my favorite brands I chat about below!

  1. Zip-Up Sleepers – These have reverse zippers for easy diaper changes.
  2. Velcro SwaddlesOllie still might be my favorite, but also have and love this more affordable style.
  3. Sound Machine – This is a great sound machine, but this portable one is my absolute favorite for naps on the go.
  4. Baby Bjorn Bouncer – $$ but worth every penny. Collapses flat for easy storage and great for travel. We brought it everywhere. I just asked Matt what his top newborn/baby item rec would be and he said this!
  5. Dimmable Night Light – the best ever for night feedings to keep the lights dim. Also super easy to travel with.
  6. Baby Bum Brush – love these for mess free diaper cream application.
  7. Travel Pouch – I’m a sucker for cute travel pouches and this one is machine washable and the perfect size.
  8. Baby Carrier – We have and love the Ergobaby carrier. It worked so well with Logan and one of the nice things is that it isn’t too feminine so Matt wears it all around as well (we have the black color). I’ve shared this grey, BabyBjorn carrier in stories, but It’s perfect for wearing baby around the house while they’re still small. It’s made of a soft jersey material and super comfortable to wear. I have also heard amazing things about Artipoppe, but they are double in cost and appear more feminine, so not sure it would be a favorite of Matt’s which defeats the purpose of only getting what you need that is versatile. 
  9. Copper Pearl Triple Layer Blanket – Hands down Logan’s prized possession and favorite blanket ever. They are the absolute softest and I waisted no time ordering one for Landon. I often try and get extra snuggles in with this blanket before nap time while we read books in the rocker, it is the best.
  10. Copper Pearl Bibsthese were a must have for Logan as he drooled a lot and these helped save his shirts. They comes in tons of colors/prints. I also found these on Amazon and LOVE them almost equally as much, more affordable too,  just run slightly bigger so trickier with a newborn. More feminine colors here.

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