What’s In My Hospital Bag
March 21, 2019
What's in my hospital bag

Outfit Details:

Cozy Pullover (runs oversized, wearing size small) // Maternity Boyfriend Jeans (size down) // Tassel Flats (7 colors – these are “taupe”) // Earrings // Pendant + Adjustable Chain // Weekender Bag (4 colors)

UPDATE: I have updated this post with what I actually used, things that were a MUST for us, and what we didn’t need, etc!

While Hadley DESPERATELY wants to make the cut, I am not sure we will be able to sneak her in this time around, ha! I give her an A+ for trying though! It is funny how many people have asked us “do you think Hadley knows?” and our response has always been “I don’t think anything has phased her, she seems her same ole self.” Ironically though, as I was packing and shooting this post, she was SO CLINGY (as you can see). Literally curled up in my lap and would not move (she usually hangs close by, but not right on top of me).


I always loved reading these posts even before I was pregnant (better to be prepared) and have made a running list in my phone for what seems like an eternity! Through the help of that list, other blog posts and connecting with you all via Instagram in this post, I think I can say I have a pretty solid list built of what I am packing and bringing along. Although, a day doesn’t go by where I hear about something new and find myself ordering it on Amazon! Needless to say, I likely will be able to help out any and all ladies on the Labor & Delivery floor with the amount of stuff I am packing “just in case,” but I am one who likes to be prepared! I also plan to update this post POST baby with what I ended up using! This post is lengthy, but hopefully you find it useful!

Let me know if I missed anything! Because this post did me in, I am letting Matt fend for himself minus the snacks I will be supplying, haha!

Hospital Bag Must Haves

Lets get to it!….

pregnancy hospital bag
what to pack in your hospital bag

– For Mama –

  • The bag itself – I LOVE Sole Society’s weekender bags and knew this one would be perfect for storing everything I need. I am anticipating a 2-night stay, so didn’t need anything to over the top. I love that this bag has handle and shoulder straps, comes in 4 colors, is under $100 and can easily be tossed in the bottom of the stroller (Matt will walk home with the baby…I will attempt to or hop in a cab/Uber).
  • Button Down PJ’s + Button Down Sleep Shirt – The darker the better I have been told, so black it is! Being button down is key for easy access while learning to breast feed and I also heard some people prefer pants, while others find them uncomfortable and rather be in a sleep shirt. So why not bring both?! The top + bottom set is from Eberjey, but Target has an identical version with shorts (I also own and have shared and tested out) for like 1/10th the price. That is also where I picked up this sleep shirt! I likely will end up tossing in a robe as well. UPDATE: Botton down pj’s were a must, I never wore the sleep shirt, I preferred to have a top and bottom on at all times. Also never wore the robe I packed, instead used my cozy Barefoot Dreams cardigan.
  • Thermal Button-down Top (brought in 2 colors) + comfy pants and joggers for daytime wear while we have visitors. UPDATE: Wore these non stop during the day. With learning to breastfeed, but wanting to feel somewhat put together and human, these tops were key and I just wore with comfy lounge pants.
  • Robe – Lightweight, soft and dark in color. UPDATE: Didn’t wear once
  • Nursing Tanks (2) UPDATE: Didn’t wear, preferred the button down tops.
  • Nursing Bra (2) + Nursing Sleep Bra (soft and comfy) UPDATE: Wore these to death, actually just ordered another set of the sleep bra…didn’t realize I would be sleeping in them every single night. So comfy!
  • DARK Granny Panties – Legit have never bought so many pairs of granny panties in my life. Picked up a bunch from Target and a few from H&M and tried to keep the colors dark (aka black)…no need to say more. UPDATE: Don’t need, I literally am lol at myself right now because I haven’t put anything on other than the mesh undies they provide (AMAZING btw) since day one. These will be nice though when I am ready to transition and before I dare put on a thong, ha!
  • Cozy Socks – Hospitals are cold, I know this first hand from working in one for many years. We legit would wear coats in the summer! UPDATE: These were nice, but I ended up wearing their hospital socks with the grip and or my slippers way more.
  • Slippers – So I actually “permanently borrowed” the slippers from our last hotel stay and thought they would be perfect to pack in my hospital bag. They are lightweight, work for a few short days and then I can toss them instead of bringing them back home. Something about hospital floors sort of gross me out, so this way I have slippers to wear, but then can leave them when we leave. UPDATE: YES! And I would suggest doing what I did, grab a cheap pair or a freebie from a hotel that you will just want to leave at the hospital.
  • T-shirt Dress – For when we leave the hospital, I am hoping the temps are warm enough to toss this dress on with a cozy cardigan and head out. I plan on being as comfy as possible and hoping this option is the answer! UPDATE: It ended up being cooler on the day we left so I just wore a cozy top and lounge pants.
  • Slip-on Flats – All about comfort and ease and while it is still a little bit chilly I have been leaving these by our door so when it is go-time I can easily put them on and head out. UPDATE: Great for getting to the hospital, BUT my feet swelled like no other after labor (super common) so I left wearing my comfy Golden Goose sneaks…flip flops would work better as well.
  • Pillow – Picked up one for under $5 from Target incase it gets left behind in the chaos. This was on so many lists, and once again from working at a hospital I see why you would want the comfort of one of your own. UPDATE: 100% YES YES YES!!!! Also, I would suggest bringing an extra pillow case cover with you…no need to say more, but this pillow was with me a life saver from start to finish and then I just left it in the hospital when we left 😉
  • Flip Flops – shower necessity!! UPDATE: Absolutely pack these.
hospital bag must have items

– Toiletries –

  • I picked up a bunch of travel size products to bring with me and then toss whatever is left, if anything. These included: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, dry shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste.
  • Mints/Breath Spray – I read somewhere that you may throw up during labor and all you will want is to quickly get that taste out of your mouth. You better believe I tossed in both of the above asap after hearing this. UPDATE: I didn’t get sick at all, but this was nice when I wasn’t quite up for jumping out of bed to brush my teeth (it legit took me a few minutes to get in and out of bed each time…legit felt like a marathon).
  • Bath Towel – I know this might sound like an unnecessary luxury, but SO MANY people recommended to bring your own. The last thing I would want after being in labor is to shower and dry off with a small, rough towel that the hospital provides. I picked up a dark colored one from TJ Maxx and called it a day. $5 well spent if you ask me! UPDATE: Like I mentioned, an added “luxury” but I 5,000% enjoyed having this for my showers. Matt just used what the hospital provided and it was small and rough…no thanks.
  • Face Wipes – Anything to feel fresh 🙂 UPDATE: Yes, used these a bunch.
  • Prenatal Vitamins – Just read this on someone else’s list and would of 110% forgot! UPDATE: The hospital provided my prenatal during my stay…check with yours!
  • Face Cream, Body Cream + Lip Therapy Chapstick – My skin has been next level dryness lately and I know hospitals are dry in general, so these two items were a must! A lot of these products come in travel size as well making packing your pack simple and easy! UPDATE: Yes, yes, yes! The hospital was so dry, these were great to have on hand.
  • Toothbrush
  • Brush
hospital bag must have items
hospital bag must have items

– Random Items –

  • Christmas Lights – Hear me out before you knock this! So this is one of those things I saw years ago when @louisroe posted on her Instagram Story after giving birth to her daughter. These are not intended as a “prop,” for any photo, but to make the sterile, bright hospital room much more cozy and comforting for you and the baby. She had all the big overhead lights off and just tossed a strand on the floor plugged in and something as simple as that made the room look magical and I wrote down this tip ASAP. It is similar to us at home, we keep the ladder in our living room wrapped in white lights year round and as soon as nighttime hits that is the only light source we use and turn on. It instantly creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. UPDATE: All jokes aside, these and the mini fan were hands down the two best items I packed in my bag. Matt and I kept joking about it over and over again because he was skeptical for a bit! Especially during night feeds, at least in our room the two light sources were basically spot lights and I was not into that (either was Log) at 1am, 3am, etc. These were so warm and relaxing and honestly made the stay so much better. Like I said we literally just plugged them in and dropped them on the floor, nothing fancy. So many of our nurses said they need to recommend these to patients.
  • Portable Speaker – I LOVE this thing and you all know we don’t travel without it! By singing along with a youtube video, I plan on playing tunes to get me through childbirth from the moment we arrive and then switch to more calming music once the baby is here. UPDATE: Holy cow YES!!!! Got us through labor (and the nurse and doctor in the room kept commenting on how nice the music was to have – we listened to Pandora’s Steve Winwood “Higher Love” Radio. It was also great background music in recovery and when we had visitors.
  • 10 Foot Phone Charger – GAME CHANGER. I mean we use these in our house non stop and I have heard that there is never a close outlet in the hospital rooms so this is a must! Packing two, one for Matt and I. UPDATE: 100% YES! Bring two…at least, ha.
  • Travel Diffuser – Just a personal thing I enjoy and find relaxing and would like to have going in the room. Lavender is my favorite essential oil! UPDATE: I loved using this is recovery just to make our room less hospital like and more spa like. Sounds silly, but there is a lot going on and having some lavender diffusing was great (and calming).
  • Clip On Fan – One of you who are a L&D nurse actually recommended this to me the other night and I am so happy you did! Even now I am constantly going back and forth between being hot and cold and she said that post baby your hormones are going crazy and when you get hot it is nice to have on hand as fans are hard to come by in the hospital…and from my experience I think nearly impossible to find in a city hospital! UPDATE: I want to hug and give a million dollars to whichever one of you recommended this. I used this bad boy 24/7 and it was GLORIOUS, especially during labor. Words can’t even describe my love for this little fan during my stay haha.
  • Eye Mask – Matt’s cousin who just gave birth not long ago said this came in handy when “attempting” to get a little shut eye. It is small and light weight so why the heck not toss it in! UPDATE: I did use this, but would say it’s not totally necessary. Also, our hospital did provide one in the amenities kit in our room.
  • Yeti + Straw With Lid – I can’t get enough water as is, I am constantly thirsty, and so many people have said to bring your own Yeti with a straw. It will keep you hydrated and water cold. UPDATE: Should have brought 2! I used this non stop, poor Matt (and my mom) were constantly running to refill this bad boy. Both Matt and I were sucking down water left and right, definitely should have brought along a second. Also, the lid and straw is key!
  • Snacks! – For me when I can eat and to fuel Matt throughout. UPDATE: Absolutely don’t forget these. Matt snacked a bunch and then I did as well after labor and throughout recovery.

– Lady Part(s) –

Saved ya the photo on this one. To be honest this is what I am most scared about, so don’t laugh as I list out anything and everything anyone has ever suggested! I am going in with every possible item that might be of assistance. I honestly should just copy and paste a screenshot of my Amazon order over the past month because I am ordering supplies daily, ha!

  • Motherlove Nipple Cream – To help while adjusting to breast feeding.
  • Disposable Nursing Pads
  • Witch Hazel Pads – Layer these babies up (2-3) on top of your pad, helps with soothing
  • Earth Mama Perineal Balm – I’ve been told to use this on top of the witch hazel pads (mentioned right above)
  • Dermoplast Spray – Relieves burning and itching… 🙂
  • Fridababy Fridet Momwasher – I heard this gadget is a must have item during recovery and going to the bathroom. Fill it with warm water and a few drops of witch hazel and use instead of toilet paper. I also remember reading to lean forward as you pee so the burning isn’t as intense. We shall see…
  • UPDATE: Not sure if it is every hospital, but mine provided us with EVERYTHING and even sent us home with a HUGE bag of supplies.They are constantly refilling things you need. The mesh undies are a game changer as well as the ice pack diapers they made. I honestly might do a post or add a tutorial to this one on how to make them. I have never loved anything more in recovery and have been making them at home as well.
Sole Society Weekender Bag

– For Baby –

I have heard from friends that the hospital provides pretty much everything he or she will need, but I tossed in a few things just in case. Let me know if I am missing anything super important!

  • Tote (size large) – I decided to get a separate bag for the baby’s items and a few of my extras if need be. I know we will use this bag all the time to transport baby K’s items for weekend trips, etc. and I love the top zipper detail. I added a monogram of just the first letter of their name (the letter is the same wether it is a boy or girl…I feel like I just gave so much away, ha!) and felt like the large size was perfect for our and the baby’s needs.
  • Boppy Pillow – For nursing assistance, but also a nice item to have on hand for any family that wants to use while holding our little babe! UPDATE: Never thought I would be saying that I (still to this day) have used the Bobby WAY more for me than Logan. The donut shape with a hole in the middle is such a life saver during recovery. Any added pressure down there SUCKS and this thing has been incredible. I keep joking with Matt that I feel like I have flattened it out from 24/7 use and may just have to buy him a new one haha.
  • A boy outfit + girl outfit
  • Short + Long Sleeve Basic Onsie – I heard the hospital provides this, but tossing one of each in just in case
  • Zip-up Onsie
  • Socks
  • Cozy blanket
  • Swaddle
  • Hat
  • Mittens – The lightweight kind so they don’t scratch themselves
  • UPDATE (overall): We pretty much kept him in the hospital shirt, hat and diaper the entire time. I would say just pack what you want him or her to travel home in, a cozy blanket for snuggling and anything you may want to snap a photo in (we did a swaddle/blanket and name hat).
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