Baby Items We Use Daily
June 26, 2019

I’m back with a few new baby registry items we have been loving since this first post was a big hit! I decided to focus this one on a few items we use each and every day. The best part, they can all be found at Walmart, who has an amazingly easy baby registry process with the widest variety of products from affordable to higher end. Don’t be afraid to put more expensive items that you really want on your registry, groups of friends, families, etc. can go in together on that item, which is exactly what my experience was!

Marpac Sound Machine

Sound Machine (and have a portable option too) – Marpac is the brand we use for both the one in Logan’s room and our portable version as well, but there are so many out there to choose from. The reviews were great and there are no bells and whistles, just simply what you need. We always turn on the sound machine during nap time (even on the go) and at night.

Bouncer – We originally didn’t have this at home and my brother and sister-in-law gave it to my parents to have at their house for when we would visit since their girls outgrew it. Logan was OBSESSED with it and hung out and slept so well in it for naps we took it back home to our apartment and now always bring it with us to my parents or my in-laws. I love how portable it is, so you can easily move it from room to room or we even took it outside with us on my parents deck.

baby bath tub

Baby Bath Tub – So we don’t use this every day (we bathe him every 2-3 days so we don’t dry out his skin), but for as affordable as this little bath support is, Logan LOVES it. Bath time is one of his favorites and I swear he could play in the water sitting in this thing for close to an hour if we let him. Also, in his first two weeks we lined it with a towel, sat it on our kitchen island and would sponge bathe him. We then realized he was content sitting in this thing forever and just hang out!

Bjorn Bouncer – I know it may seem silly to have two “bounce seats”, but we honestly use them both each day and for various reasons. This one collapses flat (which is amazing for travel and storage in our apartment) and has three different recline heights. I love using it with Logan to play and interact with him and he absolutely loves it. It is the one seat we always bring with us whenever we head out of the city. I also love propping him up in this chair while I am in the kitchen prepping dinner. You can buy this toy bar which attaches as well, now that Logan is a little bit older I am thinking about adding it to my cart to keep him stimulated.

gender neutral nursery ideas

Wipe Clean Changing Pad – Logan loves this changing pad for diaper changes and to be honest, sometimes he is so happy and content we just hang out here for a little and play. What I love that most about this style is the “wipe clean” feature. If it gets dirty you just have to wipe it down instead of constantly changing the cover (which is great for any late night diaper changes). The toy bar is removable and stores perfectly underneath, which is what we have opted for.


A big thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!

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