How I Fixed My Hair Breakage
February 26, 2019

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After posting quickly about how I used to struggle with hair breakage on my Instagram Stories the other day, I received so many questions on how I fixed it and what exactly I learned. I knew it was time for an updated post on this topic and I’m finally excited to share that I am on the other side of the hair struggle with no more breakage!

A little back story, I never really realized that my hair was breaking (even with all the photos I have to take for this blog of mine), until one day for some reason I was in the bathroom with a mirror trying to see that back of my head and it legit looked as if my niece took scissors and cut a huge triangle out of the middle of the back of my hair (this was about 1.5 – 2 years ago). It was then that I started analyzing ever single strand like any sane person would do (ha!) and realized that when pulled to the front one side was longer than the other and the ends were just a complete and utter mess, so uneven and broken. I will try and dig up some photos and a video I took to share with you all.

Okay, I swear this wasn’t even the worst of it…

I instantly went to google (duh) and you all (the best community ever) and started applying a few changes that over time have made such a difference. I will share what worked for me below!

Switching my hair ties – I 100% think this is what made the biggest difference and it was the easiest thing to switch. I wear my hair up a lot and lots of top knots and realized that “traditional” hair ties were ripping and breaking my hair. I typically twist my topknots in the same direction, which explained why one side of my hair was more broken and damaged than the other. I tossed all of those hair ties and only use these:

Invisibobble (most used hair tie) // Slipsilk hair tie (when around the house or if needing to sleep with my hair up) // Ponytail Holder (another option I have, don’t love these as much though) // Butterfly Clips (I try and use these a lot when I want my hair out of my face)

Being mindful of how much heat is going on my hair – I have turned down the heat setting a few notches on my curling iron and now only curl my hair about once a week since I FINALLY “trained” it to not get washed every single day (yes, this used to be my life). I also have been using It’s a 10 Miracle leave-in product and air drying when possible (easier in the summer, especially when at the beach and can toss in a few spritzes of sea salt spray). When out of the shower, I stopped drying it with my normal towel and started using one of these turban towels.

Swapping my pillowcase – Now I have not been super consistent with this one, so I truly don’t think it has really impacted fixing my breakage, but I am sure it has helped. I did invest in the Slipsilk pillowcase and try and use it as much as possible, but I only have one so when I am washing it and toss on new sheets, it doesn’t get used again until the following week when I change our sheets out.

Finding a hairdresser that “gets it” – In the past year I ended up switching hair salons and it was the best decision I ever made. They took time to explain things to me and you can tell they actually care about my hair. I go to Eddie Arthur Salon on the UES and Eddie colors and Rita cuts. They are a legit DREAM TEAM and I can’t recommend them enough (or thank my friend enough who introduced me). Rita’s blowout lasts nearly 3 full days for my hair, which is so rare. I stopped going to blowout places prior, because it was such a waste of money and it would fall out hours later…I don’t know what she does, but I do know she is crazy talented. They both take the time to educate me on everything and anything and it is the first time in my life they don’t even use heat on my hair when getting highlights. I used to sit under a dryer for at least 30 minutes at my prior salon, which I am sure caused a ton of damage. I get my hair highlighted about every 3 months in case you are wondering! Also, since I always get asked about where I go for cut and color, I will also share that they are the best and gave me a 20% off code to share with anyone who wants to give them a try! Just say my name (Kendall) when making an appointment and you will get 20% off any service.

After Eddie and Rita worked their magic!….

A few other things I do, but not 100% sure they have attributed to resolving my issue:

  • Prenatal Vitamins – I obviously take these since I am pregnant, but have been taking them for close to two years plus. Like I said, I am pretty sure I was taking them 6 months before I realized this breakage was happening, so I don’t think they fixed the issue, but I am sure the extra vitamins and nutrients help!
  • Hair Mask – I try and apply a hair mask at least once every two weeks (should probably do every week).


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