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I’m Kendall Kremer, the voice and creator behind Styled Snapshots! I started this life and style blog as a place to come and find inspiration, connect with others, and become empowered! Over the years, it has grown as I have in my life and covers all things from fashion, fitness/health, motherhood, home decor, beauty, travel, and so much more.

I live in Connecticut with my husband Matt, our sons Logan and Landon, our daughter Dylan and fur-child Hadley. I started my career as a Child Life Specialist and eventually made the leap to run my business full time. Needless to say, it has been one wild ride and I’m so grateful for those who have joined me on this adventure. Without a doubt, my favorite aspect of this blog is connecting with you all, so make sure to come say hi and visit me on Instagram (@styledsnapshots) for everyday updates and whereabouts, on LTK (@styledsnapshots) for my everyday finds or shoot me an e-mail at: [email protected]

xo, Kendall

More About Me

Our Wedding
There truly aren't even words to descried what the best day of your life feels like. Getting to marry your best friend and knowing you will spend the rest of your life together is such an incredible feeling.
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Surprise! We Are Pregnant!
SURPRISE!! I’m pregnant! I honestly can’t even believe I get to type this out, it feels so surreal. Being able to say these very words, is something I have dreamt about for years, but never knew when or how I’d be able to share our...
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