February 4, 2021

One goal I have for myself this year is to try and make healthier choices when it comes to snacking. Ever since having Logan, we have had more “yummy” snacks in the house and while he mainly eats them, both Matt and I are guilty of polishing off a bag of cheddar bunnies or bunny tails.

I wanted to share 5 healthy snacks that are currently on my rotation in case any of you need a little inspo in the kitchen as well. Another thing I have been doing is cutting up all my veggies at the start of the week and I have been grabbing them to dip into hummus and not my pretzels and chips. Little changes like that have been making such a difference.

This is our go-to truffle hot sauce that we love! It’s made with a simple list of ingredients and packed full of flavor. The company, The Truffliest, is based here in New York City and have tons of different truffle products.

The Peanut Butter I like to use is “Chunky Coconut Peanut Butter” by North Shore Goodies. The company is actually based in Hawaii and I first heard about them through another blogger, Caitlin Covington. They just lowered their shipping rates to $15, but I like to buy two of the largest containers so I don’t have to repurchase as often.

Apple nachos is a great snack if you have a little one too! You can adjust as needed and even get them involved with squeezing the bag of peanut butter and sprinkling on the chocolate chips.

Sounds a little out of the norm, but trust me on this one! Make sure you buy the whipped cream cheese, it is easier to spread and I find just a lighter/fluffier taste with the crunchy celery.

Matt’s aunts made these for us and I absolutely loved the smoky sweet combo! You can add in whichever nuts you enjoy, I just went with what they suggested.

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