5 Kids Books We Are Loving
June 11, 2019
best baby books

Growing up, reading was always a BIG part of my childhood—my parents would read to my brother and me all the time. Ironically, I never really caught on to enjoying reading on my own later in life (I blame falling asleep after one page…), but I always knew how much I loved picking out and reading books during my childhood and couldn’t wait to start this tradition with kids of my own.

Now with the arrival of Logan, we incorporate reading all throughout the day, but always at nap time and we try before bed unless he is fully falling asleep and we need to focus on getting his bottle down…ha! This is also one reason I really wanted to find a small, but comfortable rocker that would fit in his room. After an extensive search, this one was the perfect size (only 26″ wide), so cozy and you can custom choose the wooden base and fabric (ours is clear maple wood and natural cotton/linen fabric in the color beach). We snuggle up daily, pick out books, and read as he falls off to sleep. Truly some of my favorite moments of the day. While I currently have my go-to books I am loving, I can’t wait to see which are his favorite as he grows! I also recently had to buy an additional bookcase to house his growing collection (also love this leaning bookshelf + this white option as well)!

I am always looking for new recommendations, so please share yours below! I enjoy reading Logan books that are easy reads with a “hidden meaning” or life lesson that will be valuable as he grows up. Here are our top five choices at the moment:

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