Kids Organization Tips
January 22, 2022

I feel like each year January rolls around it is the perfect time to refresh the home, go through clothes and toys to donate and spend some time re-organizing your space. I try and stay on top of this throughout the year by scheduling designated time in my calendar to work on a certain area. A lot of my organization supplies are from the BrightRoom line at Target. Super affordable and also look nice. Lately, there has been a big focus on the boy’s rooms as they are both growing like crazy and I am constantly have to pack away old clothes into storage tubs and make room for their next size. Just a little sidebar with this – I group the boys clothing by size (newborn, 0-3m, 3-6m, etc.) so it is easy to locate and access when I need something specific. I use a label maker and add the sizing to the outside of the bin. This has been incredibly helpful with now having Landon who is wearing all of Logan’s old clothes.

cream basket // grey basket

One of the questions I get most often is how I organize our kids toys. I am not kidding you when I say that I have invested in a ridiculous amount of these rope baskets (they come in all sizes, but we have the most in 13″) and use them all over our house. I even keep one in the car on the floor below Logan with extra toys and items he can play with during a car ride or if we run to grab a bite to eat. I love that they are soft, making it easy for Logan to handle. He is constantly pulling them out of his toy cubby and carrying them all over the house to play.

13″ Coiled Rope Basket // shelf dividers // 4-piece drawer organizers // expandable drawer organizers // 5-pk hangers // 10pk hangers

As you can see, these baskets have also made their way into the kids rooms. I honestly just love the look of them and they are great for hiding extra pull-ups, baby wipes, blankets and more. I will also empty one out when I am going through their clothes that don’t fit and use it to cary everything into the basement to place into storage.

shelf divider // expandable drawer divider

A few other must-have items when organizing their rooms are this shelf divider and expandable drawer divers. This shelf divider is my favorite because not only can you separate items on the shelf (I use in my closet for creating a divide between sweaters), but they have a hook on the end where you can easily hang your outfit for the next day. This makes getting Logan dressed and ready for school in the morning much easier. The shelf divider comes in a pack of two!

Another go-to item are the expandable drawer dividers. When you have younger kids and their clothes are smaller, it helps keep everything organized, but also allows you to fold and place items in a drawer in a way they can see what is there and easily pick something out to wear. We have these in all of Logan’s drawers as well as Landon’s.

I also wanted to re-share how I fold Logan’s pajamas (and honestly mine as well). When I posted this on Stories the other week thinking no one would really care, so many of you said you found it very helpful. So, because I love and use the drawer dividers in Logan’s drawers, I like to have his clothes “standing up” so he can look and pick something to wear. He is very much into being independent these days, especially with his pajama choice. With that being said, as you will see broken down below, I basically sandwich his pajama sets so they stay together and he is pulling an entire set (top and bottoms) out of his drawer.

In Landon’s room, I also use these drawer organizers that come in a set of four. They work well for keeping his swaddle blankets organized as well as a few other smaller things such as bibs, diapers, socks, etc.

set of 4 drawer organizers

stackable wood bin // drawer organizers // cream baskets

Hoping this post gave you a little inspiration or a few ideas when it comes to organizing and making things easier! I will continue with this series throughout the next few weeks so stay tuned!

A big thanks to Target for partnering on this post!

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