Perfect Proposal
May 15, 2014
This post might be a long one, but I feel like I have so much to say and it will definitely be a more personal one! Excuse me this week, because I am still in my own bubble floating on cloud 9 from the weekend where the love of my life and best friend asked me to marry him. I have been excited to share our story and journey and there is truly no better moment then now.

Matt and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party our junior year of college. I knew her from high school and he lived on her floor freshman year. The night was spent with him romantically sneaking (sorry Mama and Pops) me into the bar, not believing that I was in the same sorority as a lot of his girlfriends because he claimed to “know everyone” and I just thought he was a typical fraternity boy. All aside, we quickly bonded, fell in love and formed a lasting relationship that took us to a summer spent interning in NYC, graduating from the University of Delaware together, him going to and finishing law school, me moving to NYC, moving in together, bringing our sweet Hadley (pup) into our lives and now embarking on the next chapter…engagement!

(First night we ever met, the birthday girl is next to me — thank you Carrie for being born!!)


May 10th was just like any other Saturday morning. We woke up, had coffee, I got dressed to shoot pictures for the blog and we took Hadley to the dog park on the way to take pictures. Matt was cool as a cucumber the entire morning. His parents were coming into the city and our plan was to meet them at Campbell Apartment, which is a quaint bar I have been wanting to try forever, nestled right inside Grand Central Terminal. After our morning routine we are getting dressed to leave and Matt mentions that he wanted to leave twenty minutes early to stop at the Apple store to pick up a charger, which is also located inside Grand Central. When we arrive Matt received a phone call after about ten minutes of browsing the Apple store and tells me his parents can’t find the bar and want to meet in the middle of Grand Central. We head down the steps and are standing in the middle as we look for his parents. Matt looks at me and says “I have never seen Paoli (my home town) up on the board before” and point to the train information board behind me. I turn, dazed and confused and this is what I see:
perfect proposal



It took a few seconds to register and when I turned back around Matt was down on one knee asking me to marry him. He jokes now that I didn’t say yes or look at the ring for what felt like years because all I could do is hug him and kiss him and attempt to take it all in. Minutes later his twin brother and his boyfriend come out of hiding and attempted to get action shots, which unfortunately didn’t turn out because they were too busy scheduling the timing of the board (much more important!).

I quickly dial my parents who aren’t picking up, and with some persuasion from Matt I continue on to Campbell apartment to meet his family (all while attempting to call my parents on repeat). They greet us with the biggest of hugs and kisses and as we continue into the bar I see the back of my parent’s heads and loose it with tears flowing everywhere.


After celebrating here for a bit, Matt mentioned that we have dinner reservations with our parents at my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Parador. We fly home from Grand Central and I do what all fashion bloggers do, a quick outfit change and hair curl since we planned on going out and meeting up with everyone after dinner. Conveniently I had received this incredible Natalie Deayala dress (full outfit post to come) and knew it was perfect for the occasion. We left our apartment and when we arrived at the restaurant they directed us downstairs. As I walk down the steps and turn the corner I am greeted with the most amazing “SURPRISE!!!!” from all our friends and family. I am in such shock from the day I didn’t even notice my two best friends who came from out of state! Matt rented out the entire lower level and we drank, ate and danced the night away.



The rest of the night included heading back to our apartment and then to a bar where we continued to celebrate with everyone.

I could not have pictured my proposal any more perfect. His details, thoughtfulness and love that went into this day honestly blew me away and continue to leave me speechless with the biggest smile on my face. Cheers to a year filled with love, laughter and LOTS of wedding planning!! (Any and all tips welcome).


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