3 Summer Weekend Getaways
July 31, 2019

This summer Matt and I have made it more of a point to get out and about with Logan once the weekend rolls around. Being in our apartment all week with Logan, this has really helped me and given me something to look forward to! Whether we are exploring somewhere new, headed to either of our parents or simply back to one of our favorite spots, it is fun to just get away and relax! While Matt and I were driving to Shelter Island the other day, he asked what my favorite summer destination was. After a minute of thinking about it, I knew what my answer was, but also had a few others on my list. I thought I would share my top favorites with you all in case you are looking for somewhere to try! If you live in or around the NYC area, these are all pretty easy trips!

As always, when traveling I try and keep things simple, practical (pieces that I can mix and match) and fit everything into one of my favorite Sole Society weekender bags (you can also check out all their travel bags here). This is easier said than done, but in the summer when my daytime outfits typically consist of a swimsuit which doesn’t take up much room I try and make it happen!


NANTUCKET – Hands down this is my favorite! From the moment you arrive there is something just so magical about the island with all of its charm and character. From town, to the beaches and brewery, it is extremely kid (and dog) friendly and the perfect place for relaxation. In a dream world, I would love to own a home here one day! Also, if you book a flight in advance from NYC it isn’t that expensive to get there and the flight is only about 45 minutes. While I have been there countless amount of times (one of our best friend’s has a family home there and has always been incredible inviting us out), I can’t believe I don’t have a travel guide to share! Just a reason to go back I guess…work trip! 🙂

GREENPORT + SHELTER ISLAND – I am bunching these two together because all that separates them is a 5 minute ferry ride. Matt and I checked out Greenport a couple years ago (travel guide here) and it definitely has more “life” than Shelter Island. Tons of bars, restaurants and wineries, there is always so much to do. We are hoping to go back this fall once the weather cools down a bit and the crowds die out + harvest season at the wineries. This past weekend we stayed on Shelter Island and absolutely loved it. Much more quiet, but just as beautiful and have a wider selection for being on the beach. Stay tuned for a travel guide to come.

Also, speaking of Shelter Island, you all know I was in love with the design and decor of the room we stayed in at The Chequit. I found a few pieces to recreate that overall vibe and wanted to share them with you below!

MAINE (PORTLAND + BAR HARBOR) – We explored here the end of last summer (I was actually pregnant at the time, although I acted like I wasn’t when writing the travel guide blog post…I actually was drinking mocktails! We had to cancel our original plans of Portugal because of the wild fires and smoke not being safe during pregnancy) and I am dying to go back. The seafood is unbelievable and there is so much to do, see and explore.

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