Baby Registry Items I Didn’t Realize I Needed
June 5, 2019
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Now that I have been doing this whole motherhood thing for 7 weeks I have learned a few tips and tricks! One of the biggest questions I received while pregnant was to share my baby registry, but I sort of felt like I was going in blind and only put the basics on it because I was clueless on what I would actually need, etc. Now that Logan is 7 weeks old, I feel like there are a few items I wish I knew about when creating my registry, so sharing those all with you here.

Before I get into those items though, I wanted to share that Walmart has such an amazing baby registry process and selection (MASSIVE and contains premium brands)! Search for everything and anything you could think of in the baby department and chances are they carry it. Creating and updating your baby registry is quick and easy and having one place for people to shop is easier than multiple places in my opinion, especially if you need to return or exchange things and also reduces the chance of receiving multiples of the same items! They also will send you a Baby Welcome Box as an added perk and their app makes things easier for accessing and updating your registry on the go!

Now, lets get into the 4 items that we LOVE and I wish I knew to add to my registry…

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Freddie the Firefly – Hands down, the best $12 ever spent! I am pretty confident in saying this is Logan’s favorite toy and have heard the same from other mamas! I love that the back of the wings is all contrast (which is what Logan sees at the moment) and then the other side is colorful with interactive parts. This toy keeps him entertained for such a long time and he does a great job tracking it with his eyes!

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Diapers – Okay, so this one I knew we needed, but hear me out. I COMPLETELY underestimated the amount of diapers we would go through, especially in the beginning. This is something I didn’t have on my registry, but wish I did and I am so thankful that some of the mama’s that were at my shower must know this and they added them as part of my gift. It was nice receiving the newborn size as well as size 1, Logan kind of quickly grew out of newborn and it was perfect having the next size on hand. Diapers and wipes you can never have enough of! While I can’t resist how cute Honest diapers are, Pamper Swaddlers are my favorite brand so far. They work amazing (and is what my hospital used) and also have a yellow line that turns blue when your baby pees so you can tell from the outside, which is incredibly helpful especially during those first few weeks.

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Velcro Swaddle – 5,000% you need these! They make nap/bedtime swaddling a breeze and your baby truly can’t break out of this swaddle and wake themselves up. I started with two and quickly realized I needed to buy a few more due to no laundry in our actual apartment and Logan at times will pee through his diaper and we have to swap his swaddle during the night.

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Portable Night Light – Another game changer in my opinion. During your night feedings you don’t want to turn on bright lights, waking up your baby or even yourself. I have loved using our portable night light, we take it when we travel and carry it from room to room depending on where we are feeding Logan during the night. The adjustable brightness is key as well!


A big thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!

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