Life Lately + A Logan Update
June 3, 2019
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Happy Monday, you guys! I enjoy doing a small condensed version of “life lately” on my Instagram, I thought I would share one in more detail here on the blog. I honestly have no idea where the past 7 weeks have gone and it has been so much fun getting to see Logan’s personality develop each and every day. I will never forget the first time he smiled, I could eat him up it made my heart burst into a million pieces.

While we have been so lucky with Logan and his personality, mannerisms and overall daily well being, I would be lying if I said each day is perfect. Being a mom is no joke the hardest, yet more incredible thing I have ever done in my life, but I have had my share of struggles, tears and overall tough days too. While I spare you his freak outs and fussy spells via Instagram Stories (ha!), they happen and when they do I get stressed out trying to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Balancing a job that doesn’t have your traditional “maternity leave” has been extremely hard for me. Logan is my #1 priority, but I also love creating, writing and sharing content for you all and to be honest it keeps me sane. As each day passes, I have found a little bit more of a groove, but it has been a learning curve for sure so thanks for hanging in there with me!

I have had a bunch of questions on how I feel comfortable going out and about with Logan. I think the hardest part is just doing it that first time, but then you realize this whole new sense of freedom, which is amazing for both of us. Logan LOVES being in the fresh air, looking around and taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Matt and I tag teamed a bunch when he was home for paternity leave and I think that was a great initial start to feeling comfortable. I always make sure the diaper bag is fully stocked with everything and anything I need, I have enough for him to eat for at least two feedings, and I also try and time things accordingly. For example, in the stroller he tends to stay awake and look around, etc. so I take him around in that when it is time for him to be awake and active. If I decide to head out around his nap time I place him in this baby carrier and he falls asleep within .5 seconds. This way we are keeping to his “schedule” as best as possible, but also able to get out and around the city, which Hadley also appreciates. I think the more you do it (start with small trips and stay local to home just in case), the more comfortable you will be!

One other piece of advice that has been so helpful to myself is to find other mama’s out there going through what you are going through and connect with them! Join a local Facebook group, chat with others via DM, when you think you are loosing your mind and having a rough day, chances are so is someone else looking to relate and vent for a second! It is also fun to share the positives and success as well. Motherhood can feel extremely isolating (there are days I feel like a robot working off the same 3 hour schedule rotation), so it is nice to have other mamas out there. Once Logan has all his shots I plan to join a few “mama and me” play groups to meet others in the neighborhood as well.

A few Logan updates:

  • This Freddy the Firefly toy is one of his absolute favorites and has a CRAZY amount of reviews on Amazon. You can check out my Logan Highlight on Instagram to see for yourself! Right now he is gravitating to the contrast side since that is where his vision is developmentally.
  • If in the market for the SOFTEST swaddle blankets ever, these are our favorite! Just make sure you order the “luxury” ones…I wish they came adult size 🙂 How cute are the prints?!
  • Logan loves: bath time (so fun!! – we use this affordable tub which works great and love the animal hood towels), smiling, tummy time (in the morning is the best), reading books, looking in the mirror (this one is great for tummy time), modern lullabies (Spotify station our friends told us about) and “chatting” with us!

Belly Band:

I mentioned on Instagram Stories that I would touch on the belly band question a bit more. So yes, I wore a belly band for about 3 weeks once Logan was born. This is the one I bought from Amazon, $21 and had great reviews. Like I mentioned in my Stories, first don’t be alarmed if you can’t get it to close if you try and put it on in the hospital, I think it took about two days before mine would “fit”. I also just ended up using the first main band and never bothered with the other two later ones. Make sure you make it tighter each day you feel like you can, I loved how it helped everything feel “in place” if that makes any sense at all. I pretty much wore it 24/7 with the exception of showering.

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