Some Of My Baby Registry Items
March 25, 2019
minimalistic baby registry

I had so much fun putting together my baby registry and relied a lot on talking with other moms, reading reviews, and keeping in mind I wanted a more minimalistic approach with living in the city. A lot of the items I found and loved were from the Baby/Kids section at Nordstrom! Always love a one stop shop type of experience and I knew the free shipping both ways would make it easy on people, and also myself if I happened to get double items, etc.

I could get lost shopping for baby items in general, so have been trying to make a conscious effort to not add anything else until he or she arrives because you know I will be purchasing gender specific pieces at that point. Hopefully some of these items will be useful to you all if you are starting to think about the registry process, shopping for others or just looking for any recommendations or ideas in general! Also, total sidebar, but this midi dress is insanely soft and the coziest material for only $50! I am wearing an 8US.

baby registry must haves


  1. UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller – After talking to a bunch of moms and honestly just being more aware while walking around the city, hands down this is the most popular stroller. I love that the bottom basket is large enough to hold groceries, Hadley (literally…holds up to 30lbs), and whatever else I may toss under there to make life easier walking around the city. It comes with the bassinet, toddler seat and then can be converted different ways to fit up to three kids. We went with the Jake Black/Carbon color and then bought these leather handlebar covers to add some contrast.
  2. Stroller Carry-All – This goes along with the stroller and is a much more affordable gift idea (someone could even pair this with the leather handlebar covers as the perfect baby shower gift). This one velcros on the handlebar easily, can hold coffee cups/water bottles, your phone, etc. I also placed one of those large “Mommy Hooks” in here for if I need to hang extra bags while out and about in a pinch (the one I linked also charges your phone, but they also make more affordable ones that is just the clip itself).
  3. Reversible Play Mat – LOVED the size of this one, not too big, but big enough and the material is super soft and machine washable. Easy to bring from room to room and travel with as well.
  4. ERGOBABY Omni 360 Baby Carrier – I asked for two different baby carriers and I will chat about each and why here and below. This one in particular I know Matt will enjoy using more than the other option. It is a bit more “masculine”, easier to put on and I love that it works from 1 week old through 36 months. It has a multitude of carrying positions and back support as well.
  5. MOBY Baby Carrier – This was my personal first choice for myself. After talking with some mama friends, everyone swore by this wrap. Their babies loved being in it, napping in it, it is comfortable to wear and allows you to be hands free and get a bunch of things done around the house or quickly run out with the baby to run an errand, walk the dog, etc. When you first take it out of the box it looks overwhelming to figure out how to properly place it on, but it was much simpler once you tried it out. I’ve practiced a few times with a stuffed animal, which I would recommend! It works for a baby that is 8-33lbs.
  6. Fridababy Baby Basics Kit – Just an overall great staple item to have on hand with a newborn! They break down the categories as follows: gas, snot (hate this word, ha), flakes and claws.
  7. Comotomo Slow Flow Baby Bottles – I know bottles is such a personal thing and you have to try a few out to see what your baby likes, but I also know I needed to have a few on hand. I asked for a few Dr. Brown’s that were popular as well as this brand, which is known to be most similar to a mother’s breast/nipple and the milk comes out at a slower speed similar to breastfeeding to prevent confusion if breastfeeding and pumping.
  8. Elephant Bath Towel – I am such a sucker for cute animal hood bath towels and fell in love with this one immediately. They also have an adorable duck, lamb and unicorn.
  9. Boppy Pillow & DockATot – I’ve heard on countless occasions that the Bobby and the DockATot are a must, so I included both on my registry! I love that both have zipper covers so you can easily toss in the wash. The Bobby is great for feedings, lounging, tummy time and sitting as they get bigger. The DockATot is perfect for the baby’s naps, lounging and playing. I love how portable it is and you can move it anywhere knowing your little babe is safely snoozing within. I made sure to pick up an extra cover for each so when I am washing one I still have an extra!
  10. Changing Pad – One of the best pieces of advice I have received has to do with this WIPEABLE changing pad. A friend told me when it is the middle of the night, you are already sleep deprived and your baby has a blow out or just a big mess and it gets on the typical cloth/fabric changing covers/pads, the last thing you will want to do it strip it down, change the cover and then deal with the laundry in the morning. This changing pad is wipeable, so when that happens you just have to give it a good clean/wipe down and you are good to go. The material also sort of suctions to the table top so there isn’t any slipping and sliding around. You also don’t have to use the toy bar, it tucks underneath, which is where ours currently is hiding.
  11. Diaper Backpack – Lots of questions on what diaper bag I am using and the answer is I have two options! This backpack is great for when I am using the Moby wrap or just wanting to be hands free (if out and about without the stroller). I also bought this TOTESAVVY Organization Handbag Insert for my LV Neverfull GM bag so I can easily grab that and toss it in my everyday bag as an option as well. I have both options prepped and fully stocked with supplies.
  12. NUNA LEAF Grow Baby Seat – Last but not least is this baby seat which I hope and pray will allow me to quickly attempt to get ready some days or just get a few things done around the apartment without my hands tied up. It is noise and motor free, maintains motion for more than two minutes with a gentle push so baby can drift in and out of sleep or kick and play. It also has 3 recline settings and can be locked in a stationary position. The infant insert is removable and this bad boy can actually hold up to 130lbs!!

A big thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

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