June 21, 2017

Rueda White Wine

With summer in full swing, no one seems to be around on the weekends and I find it harder and harder to get together with the girls for some old fashion, kick back, relax and chit chat time. With summer officially kicking off on June 21st, I decided last minute to get whoever was in town together for a much needed girls night. I didn’t have a ton of time to plan, so my go-to is always an ice-cream and wine gathering! I have each girl bring their favorite topping (making it fun to see what everyone picks out) and I provide the wine and ice cream. Simple, easy and lots of fun!

For this get together, I had the chance to partner with the Spanish wine region of Rueda and was excited to enjoy their Martinsancho Verdejo and Torres Verdeo Verdejo wines once again. (You can see my post about hosting a Springtime Dinner Party with their wines here). White wine in the summer is so refreshing and their wine in particular is crisp, fresh and full of flavor. In my opinion, the perfect pairing for indulging in an ice cream sundae with girlfriends! Also, an added bonus is that both wines are under $20, but taste much more expensive so you wont break the bank when hosting a gathering and keeping your guests happy! Rueda Verdejo wines are available at local wines store, but also online at Better yet, they are offering a 10% off code to use, which is: RUEDA.

If you are like me and need a little extra help with appropriate wine pairings for different cuisines, I would recommend signing up for their newsletter. They are always sending out up to date information, new products and wine pairings.

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A big thanks to Rueda Verdejo for partnering on this post!

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