May 25, 2017

Best White Wine

When Matt and I moved to our new apartment and finally had space for a dining room table, I made a promise to myself to get back into cooking and hosting small get togethers which I love. Don’t get me wrong, one of the things I love most about living in the city is all the amazing cuisine right at your fingertips, but there is something special about getting to entertain in your own home that I absolutely enjoy.

With spring in full swing, I thought it would be fun to have a few couples over for a springtime themed dinner party. The biggest lesson I learned over the years with hosting is to not stress out too much and over do it. I like to have options, but not too many and when it comes to which drinks to serve I love sticking with a theme. Since the weather is warm I wanted to stick with offering two white wines (especially since I knew all our dinner guests enjoyed white wine) which would be crisp and refreshing on a warm evening.

I had the opportunity to partner with the Spanish wine region of Rueda and was excited to give their Martinsancho Verdejo and Torres Verdeo Verdejo wines a try. Both wines are from the same grape, Verdejo and offer an expensive taste for a price that comfortably fits within your budget (both are under $20). This is something I find to be important when hosting a dinner where you know a lot of wine will be consumed. Also, it may be a New York City thing, but the less I have to carry when out shopping the easier it is, especially when planning a menu and shopping for the ingredients. Rueda Verdejo wines are available at local wines stores, but also online at wine.com. Better yet, they are offering a 10% off code to use, which is: RUEDA.

My menu for the evening consisted of a cheese plate to start, salad and shellfish for the main dish, all of which both these white wines pair perfectly with since they are full of fresh and fruity flavors. If you ever need help pairing wines for an event or a dinner party, I find that signing up for a newsletter is a great way to find out tips and suggestions for what you may be looking for. Versatility is key when it comes to selecting wines that pair well with a variety of foods, which is why I went with Rueda Verdejo. It also helps to stay up to date with any new wines that come out and what the reviews may be! Would love to hear any tips or tricks you al have when it comes to entertaining and keeping things simple and enjoyable!

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Table // Bench // Chairs // Sheepskin Throw // Rug // Plates: Dinner, Salad + Soup // Silverware // Wine Glasses // Placemats // Wall Frames: 1, 2 + 3 c/o // Wine: Martinsancho Verdejo + Torres Verdeo Verdejo c/o

A big thanks to Rueda Verdejo for partnering on this post!

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