Gender Neutral Baby Shower
March 13, 2019

I have been SO excited to share my baby shower photos with you guys and details about all the TLC that went into making this day exceptional. As ironic as it may sound with the career I chose, I am not one for having the attention directly on me. Things like bridal showers and baby showers stress me out a little bit, but I went into this with the mindset that everyone is here more for this little baby of ours rather than me and it helped calm my nerves!

Whenever Matt and I are home visiting family in PA, we typically end up grabbing a bite at Terrain Cafe in Devon, one of my absolute favorite spots with the yummiest (and freshest) food and decor that cannot be topped. When I discovered they had the most incredible event space, I knew it would be the perfect location for the rustic, gender neutral baby shower that I always pictured. While I am such a planner (which makes us waiting on finding out the sex that much more crazy), I pretty much left the details of my shower in the hands of my mom and the Terrain Events team. I sat in on one meeting, but left the majority of the planning, decor, etc. up to them.

I will honestly never forget the moment I walked into my shower before everyone arrived. I truly for the first time was speechless and had no words. It was stunning! Me to a T, and they thought of things I never even knew were possible. I tried as best I could to soak this time in before the guests started to arrive. My mom kept telling me the entire time how wonderful it was working with Emily (who does all the events logistics) and Matt (the florist/design guru), and they made the entire process so seamless and easy.

The day of my shower I was joking with a few friends saying that I felt as if I was bringing my second wedding dreams to life with this venue and how it was decorated, etc. While Matt and I went the more city/ballroom look for our wedding, I always debated with the idea of doing something a bit more rustic and natural, which is exactly what this baby shower ended up being.

I did participate in selecting the menu (I am a foodie, what can I say), and to no surprise the flavors and choices surpassed all expectations. Friends and family were coming up to me the entire shower saying how delicious the food was. Everything is made from scratch and with so much detail and flavor.

So now lets get into the fun stuff and start sharing photos from this day! Sorry there are a lot, I tried my best to cut it down, but I always enjoy looking at detail shots when planning events, so included a bunch so you all could easily Pin and reference back if need be!

Rustic Baby Shower
Terrain Devon
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Gender Neutral Baby Shower
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Terrain Events
Neutral Baby Shower
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Photography by Adelyn – Terrain’s Photographer

Dress details: BHLDN

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