October 25, 2017

Fall Tablescape

You all know I love dabbling into the entertainment portion of my blog and have so much fun sharing apartment updates, tablescapes, hosting girl’s night, etc. One thing I haven’t talked about yet is what to bring when you go to someone’s home for dinner, drinks, a housewarming get-together,  or whatever it may be. While I would be lying if I said I haven’t gone with the traditional flowers and bottle of wine route (more than a couple times), I love when I can get more creative and come up with a gift that will be more impactful and spark some more memory-making with guests.

You probably know that I have the biggest sweet tooth (I am a chocolate over gummy person hands down), so when I had the opportunity to partner with Godiva on their new Gold Discovery Collection I couldn’t wait to jump right in. The trick to coming up with a “thank you for having me” gift is choosing something that will bring joy after your stay,  but can be enjoyed by all of the guests during the get-together. My go-to is giving the gift of a succulent plant (easy to take care of, trending right now, and adds a bit of feng-shui to the home) and a beautifully wrapped box of Godiva Gold Discovery Collection chocolates.

Godiva has been around for over ninety years and is a classic treat that will never disappoint . Their new collection has the traditional artistry and craftsmanship Godiva is known for, but has been rejuvenated with a more modern look, refined taste and bolder flavor. Another reason I enjoy bringing a box of chocolates as part of a hostess gift, is I love to see who picks what chocolate. I will always be a chocolate caramel type of gal, so the salted caramel lion of Belgium is my favorite from the Gold Discovery Collection. Matt enjoys anything white chocolate, so his favorite from the collection is the white chocolate hazelnut heart! I think it is a fun way to share the moment and a few laughs seeing what your chocolate choice says about you.

The Gold Discovery Collection is available in three different box assortments (6 piece, 12 piece and 3 boxes of 6 pieces). The set of 3 is great to have on have throughout the holidays. You can keep a box at home to offer to your guests and have two others on hand for any party, housewarming or general gift you may need over the holiday season! Anyone else a chocolate lover like me? Would love to hear your favorite type in the comments below!

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A big thanks to Godiva for partnering on this post!

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