May 17, 2016

Brought to you in partnership with European Wax Center.

Several years ago I started frequenting the European Wax Center, and since then they have been my go-to for monthly waxing visits. I first discovered them through a recommendation from my best friend (honestly is there any better way to find great new places, especially with these type of services). European Wax Center also offers your first wax on them so you truly have nothing to loose. Needless to say, after several years, I feel like my wax expert is my BFF and I can’t imagine not using this service.

A few months back, I mentioned I was blogging, and they asked me to try out some of their skin and beauty products. Given my satisfaction with the company for so long, I was excited to do so.  Recently, they came out with  Strut 365 ™ , a product portfolio that allows you to reveal and maintain beautiful skin, everyday from home. From the Strut Smoothly collection I tried out the Reveal Me Face Exfoliating Gel and Renew Me Restoring Serum. Personally I enjoyed using these two products back to back, first exfoliating, then rinsing and finally applying the serum on top. This allowed the serum to soak into my skin overnight and work to it’s fullest potential. Neither product was too heavy and both left my face feeling refreshed.

The second collection I tried is the Strut Lavishly, which is their bath and body collection. Strut Lavishly is available in three scents, I tried Cheeky Strut which has a fruity floral scent and leaves your skin smelling fresh. The body polish is great for in the shower and has tiny (biodegradable) exfoliating beads that help get rid of all your dead and dry skin. Personally, I love products like these because you can actually feel the product working and how smooth your skin is afterwards. After applying and rinsing off the polish, I applied the body lotion when I was out of the shower.  The pump on the bottle made it particularly easy to apply compared to other lotions I use and absorbed into my skin quickly.

The final two products were actually my favorite two and fell more into the beauty category and in their Strut Boldly collection. Just a few months ago I told myself that I needed to start paying more attention to my brows. You are talking to a girl who has never waxed her eyebrows. Quite honestly, I just tweeze random strands here and there. I admire girls with beautiful brows and how they can really transform and open up your eye. The Oh My Brow!, Brow Highlighter was so much fun to play around with, I placed it right above and under my outer brow arches and you could instantly see the difference in a brighter eye, and a more lifted brow. The final product I enjoyed testing out was the Ready. Set. Brow!, Perfect Brow Groomer. I have been calling this stuff hairspray for your eyebrows, but it doesn’t leave your brows stiff or sticky! It works like magic and is super easy to apply with the mascara brush. This product helps keep your brows in line all day and you don’t have to worry about touching them up later on.

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