One Step Prep Meals
May 21, 2020

To be completely honest, ever since having Logan I have put meals for myself on the back burner, other than dinner (love cooking a good end of the day meal). I enjoy putting all my effort into Logan’s meals as I am sure you have seen via Instagram Stories (ha), but truth be told, I needed to find an easy hack to get in my nutrients during the day and also something Logan could enjoy as well.

Daily Harvest

I have been a Daily Harvest fan for quite some time now. It started with their smoothies (which are still my favorite…banana + greens and mint + cacao), but soon after discovered their soups, bites, oat bowls and more. The best part is that everything is “one step prep”. Most of their products you just add your liquid and blend or cook on the stovetop and you are good to go.

Daily Harvest Bites

Logan constantly is stealing sips of my smoothies, which I am totally okay with because they are packed with nutritious ingredients. Take banana + greens for example, it contains banana, cucumber, spinach, kale, lemon and wheatgrass. He also loves a bunch of the bowls and soups too. Perfect for an easy lunch or dinner!

Daily Harvest is the best and actually offering you all $25 off your first box if you want to give them a try! You can use code: STYLEDSNAPS

Now more than ever with trying to avoid lots of grocery store runs, Daily Harvest would be a great option that gets delivered to your doorstep. Also, if you know any new parents, having Daily Harvest on hand was the BEST when a new mom. I literally didn’t have time to do anything in the beginning as I was figuring everything out and having a quick, nutritious option on hand was amazing. This has become a favorite gift idea for our friends that are new parents!

A big thanks to Daily Harvest for partnering on this post!

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