Staying Active This Pregnancy
June 25, 2021

A big thanks to Openfit for partnering on this post!

I have to admit, this time around it has taken more effort from myself to stay active throughout my pregnancy as I just don’t have as much “me time” with having a two year old. But I told myself early on that was no excuse and while I balance days with counting chasing Logan around and walking Hadley as exercise, I also try and squeeze in at least 3 days of my favorite Xtend Barre classes via Openfit. If you are wanting to give them a try (and complete a program start to finish), this link will give you 21 days for FREE!

I have come to enjoy at home workouts, which honestly I never thought I would say as I used to frequent in person classes before last year. The best part with using Openfit is you can do anything from a 5 minute ab blast all the way up to 60 minutes classes with a little something in between. To be honest, I typically stick to the 30-45 minute classes as those fit best into my day either before Logan gets up or during his nap time. Also, everything is via an app, so you can workout virtually anywhere. When it is a cooler day or in the evening I prefer to take my workouts outdoors for a change of scene. For the Xtend Barre classes you can pull up a chair to use as a barre and typically just need a set of weights. I have been listening to my body and modifying as I go, so often just use my own body weight instead.

While obviously my belly continues to grow (hello baby boy!), I feel strong mentally and physically, which is how I felt going into labor with Logan and was a goal of mine this time around as well. Openfit allows me to squeeze in something as little as a 15 minute class if that is all I have time for that day, where as when I would go in studio, you have to commit to the hour. Because of this, it has enabled me to workout on days I otherwise would have “passed” on.

While I gravitate towards the On Demand classes, they also have a ton of live classes you can stream as well if that is something you prefer. A LIVE class on Openfit is a class taught by a real, personal trainer. If you turn the camera on your phone or tablet, the trainer can see you. You can also interact with other people in the class via chat. It’s a great way to stay motivated and be connected.  If you’re camera shy, you can still workout with the class and turn your camera off. Personally, I am working out on the fly when I have a few extra minutes between work/Logan, which is why I stick mainly to On Demand.

Openfit is great and also gave me a link to share with you all so you can give them a try for 21 days free! You can get familiar with their app, test out a bunch of different classes they offer and see which are your favorites. Within the 21 days, you can start and finish a program in it’s entirety, which is a great way to see if this program works for your lifestyle! If you are a barre fan, I enjoy instructor Andrea Rogers total body classes!

< linking a 21 day FREE trial here! >

A big thanks to Openfit for partnering on this post!

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