A Quick + Nutritious Meal
January 9, 2020

Around the time Logan was about to be born, I started to explore ways to get a quick, nutritious meal, knowing that in the near-future I wouldn’t have time on my side! Admittedly, that first week Matt went back to work it was survival of the fittest in my apartment and I am pretty sure I ate a granola bars for 2 of my 3 meals. Once the whole “mom thing” started to kick in, and we were getting into a good groove, I knew my health needed to be a priority, especially with breast feeding Logan at the time.

After talking to a few of my girlfriends, a couple of them had tried and loved Daily Harvest, so I went off of their recommendation and gave them a try. Since then, I have become hooked, always having a few cups in my freezer, the strawberry peach being one of my favorites!  Also, their Chocolate + Hazelnut bites are perfect if I am running out the door, need a quick fix before a Pure Barre class or just craving something sweet!

They are a one-step, meal delivery service that uses the freshest and most nutritious ingredients. The items arrive frozen so you can store in your freezer and not have to worry about anything going to waste. Daily Harvest partners with farmers who don’t settle for anything less than the sweetest, heartiest, most nourishing fruits and vegetables. Then they freeze everything within hours of harvest to lock in the nourishing goodness of peak season ripeness.Personally, I love adding unsweetened almond milk to my Strawberry + Peach smoothie I make for breakfast and Matt loves adding in oat milk to his Banana + Greens smoothie.

The best part, everything is ready in seconds! You simply add a liquid base to your cup, blend, soak or heat. No prep and no mess – a win/win for this already busy mama. If you are looking to add a bit more protein for an extra boost, as easy way is to add some chicken to any Harvest bowl…the Cauliflower Pesto Harvest Bowl is one of my go-tos for lunch.

So, how does it all work?…..

  1. Start here. Type in your zip code to make sure they deliver to you.
  2. Select your plan – you can choose a weekly (3 cups/week options) or monthly delivery.
  3. Build your box! – this is the best part. They offer a variety of smoothies, harvest bowls, soups, bites, oat bowls, chia bowls and lattes. You can customize based on your likes and dislikes, as well as any dietary restrictions. Have fun mixing and matching options.
  4. Checkout and enjoy! Daily Harvest also gave me a promo code to share with you all, which will give you $25 off your first box with code: STYLEDSNAPS

Let me know which is your favorite!

daily harvest

A big thanks to Daily Harvest for partnering on this post!

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