3 Athleisure Outfits + Workout Goals For 2020
January 10, 2020

Even before I was a mom, I was the BIGGEST fan of athleisure wear. Cute, comfy and practical, all in one. Now with having Logan I have an even bigger appreciation! I also have been trying to get back into the workout groove and a few new pieces typically do the trick to motivate me to make the 6:00am Pure Barre class. Not easy for me!

To be honest, “workout goals” haven’t ever really been my thing. I try and stay consistent throughout the year, find something I love and enjoy doing and keep it up as best I can. Since becoming a mom, however, I haven’t been the best at finding time for myself and I struggle with the guilt if I leave Logan to do something for me (working on this!). Being a mom is the most amazing thing in the world, but also comes with a great deal of stress. Working out helps me clear my mind, do something for myself for an hour, which in return allows me to be the best mom to Logan (and Hadley ha). So here are a few goals I am setting for myself….

Also, would love to hear any goals you all have for this new year!

2020 Workout Goals:

  • Make the 6:00am Pure Barre class 3 days a week – this means actually getting my tush OUT of bed and OUT the door when my alarm goes off. You all have so many amazing recommendations on this Instagram Post as to how to help achieve the early morning workout. For me, getting a class in before Logan wakes and Matt having to get ready for work, has been key. I also do prefer working out first thing and being done for the day, it is just so dang hard to make it happen! I used to try and sneak in a class while our nanny is here, but honestly I have so much work to get done, that hour kind of put a dent in my day. We only have part time help, so I need to maximize that time for running my business.
  • Drink water as soon as I get up – I am guilty of going straight to our Keurig machine, but know how important water first thing is. I have made a pact to finish one tumbler before anything else. To be honest, the days I make it to Pure Barre class are the easiest to achieve this and then the coffee right after is even more magical.
  • Get back into walking – As I said, I am not a huge working out person. I hate running and haven’t found a cardio class I love. I do know I love Pure Barre and walking and that is what got me through my entire pregnancy. I am guilty though of reducing my walking during the winter months when it is cold, but to be honest, Hadley and Logan love being outside and we have this contraption that is basically a sleeping bag for Logan’s stroller, so he is happy as a clam. My goal is to continue to try and reach 10,000 steps a day during the cold months.
  • Plank for 2 minutes on my off days – This is the last goal I am setting for myself and even though it seems easy, I have tried to make this happen in the past and just gotten lazy. My goal is on the days I don’t make it to Pure Barre, just to plank for 2 minutes at some point in the day. Logan actually loves when I hover over him when he is playing, so going to try and incorporate it during floor time with him!
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