Winter Wedding Dress Options
January 13, 2020
winter wedding guest dress

With January in full swing, I thought a post on dress ideas for winter weddings or any formal events would be a good idea. Sometimes it is hard to sort through everything out there and find styles that work for this time of year. Aidan Mattox is a designer with a bunch of items that are shopable at Bloomingdale’s and there are so many great options for this time of year. How cute is this metallic mini dress? I wore a similar one a few years back for our friends January wedding and it was perfect! Metallic is a fabric I gravitate towards this time of year and I find it harder to wear in the summer.

Another option is the strapless sequin dress, which is the one I am featuring here! Often, you might associate winter with having to wear a long dress, but that isn’t the case! I typically prefer something shorter because you don’t have to worry about getting it hemmed and I find them easier to dance in. If you pair with an appropriate coat, you are good to go!

If you aren’t concerned about potential hemming, how adorable (and sassy) is this sequin jumpsuit?! And YES, you totally can wear a fancy jumpsuit to a wedding! I have seen a few in my day and always love how chic they look. Just make sure it appears dressy enough or has some special detailing.


A big thanks to Bloomingdale’s for partnering on this post!

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