1 Personal Item I Always Travel With
October 25, 2019

This may sound silly to some, but one personal item I ALWAYS travel is my Billie razor. I know some people might ask why this item, and I would have had the same question before I tried it out a few months ago. But it truly is just the most incredible razor that gives you the cleanest, smoothest shave that lasts and best yet, cost efficient!

For just $9 you get the starter kit which includes your choice of razor color, the mag(net)ic holder and 2 razor blade cartridges! They will then deliver 4 replacement cartridges for $9 whenever you need them. I actually ordered two starter kits so I can keep one home at all times and the other in my travel bag so I never forget it. They also have shaving cream, body lotion and soap (you can see those products here), but honestly the razor itself it what is the most magical. Everything ships free, which makes things even better.

It is hard to describe how good this razor is without trying it for yourself. After hearing a few friends rave about it over and over again I decided to try it and instantly became hooked after the first shave. Hope it has the same effect for all of you!

A big thanks to Billie for partnering on this post!

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