Matt’s Portugal Packing List
October 24, 2019

Matt and I were chatting the other day and the topic of packing came up, likely because even with trying to scale down for this trip, there were so many things we needed to bring for Logan! I told him how much I admire how fast he can pack for trips (literally 5 minutes) while it honestly takes me hours. I have a list, cross things off etc. But Matt claims he can pack so fast because there are a few staple pieces in his wardrobe he always gravitates towards, each that can be worn a bunch of ways throughout any trip and are genuinely great items to have on hand. I decided I would share them wth you all incase there is a guy in your life looking for a few classics or even if you need holiday gift ideas! He typically purchases items from Nordstrom as they have a huge men’s section and free shipping. They also recently opened a new mens store in NYC, which Matt has been loving.

Tees – Matt discovered this brand during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and became hooked. They come in a few colors, are a great fit and can be worn alone, paired with an open flannel, under a sweater, etc. Matt went with his normal size, which is a medium.

DenimAG is one of Matt’s favorite brands when it comes to jeans and pants. One or two pairs of denim make the cut when packing and he will re-wear them throughout the trip.

Sneakers – Over the summer, Matt picked up this pair of sneakers. Now, more than ever (#dadlife) he loves incorporating sneakers into his outfit…and I do as well! Whenever we travel we both maximize the sneaker look!

Flannel Shirt – This time of year is perfect for wearing a flannel. Matt will style this top super casual like you see in these photos, or you can button it up in for nighttime and heading out to dinner. He grabbed this from Nordstrom a year ago, but I listed a few of his picks below:

Jacket – The temps were anywhere from mid 50’s to the 80’s, so Matt brought along this cozy jacket that blocks the wind and is incredibly warm. It is also easy to style into any outfit while out and about.

A big thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

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