The Beauty Bandwagon I Jumped On + Haven’t Looked Back
August 28, 2019

There has been a beauty trend that has been circulating the internet the past few months and after hearing testimonial after testimonial I had to give it a try myself. Insert: the Billie razor. Known for getting the closest, cleanest shave, avoiding all that pink tax (the additional amount women are charged for products or services for no good reason) and staying free of all toxins and bad additives. The best part, is that the starter kit is only $9, which includes a Billie handle, mag(net)ic holder, and 2 5-blade razor cartridges. After you try it out (and inevitably get hooked like I did) they will send you four replacement cartridges for $9 when you need them and always free shipping!

To be honest, I was skeptical on how this razor was any different than the rest, especially for the price point, but truly it is AMAZING. I don’t know how, but I get the cleanest shave where my legs will stay smooth for days, even after getting goosebumps. They make the ordering process simple and easy, catering to your frequency of shaving as well. You will choose your color razor, how often you shave (so they can help with how often to send refills) and then you can add any last minute goodies such as their shaving cream, body wash and body lotion.

Curious if any of you have jumped on the Billie trend yet and if you love it as much as I have? Leave any comments on your experiences below!

A big thanks to Billie for partnering on this post!

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