UPPAbaby Vista Stroller + MESA Car Seat Review
August 29, 2019

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to use each piece for an extended period of time before chatting about it with you all. First off, our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller is hands down one of the greatest and most used baby items. We are clocking some major mileage on this bad boy and have tried out every seat, gadget, and feature possible. With living in NYC, finding a stroller that was high-quality for the city streets was extremely important for me as a stroller is truly our home on wheels. I am constantly on the go with Logan, so wanted to find one what worked best for our lifestyle. I also was very aware when pregnant of paying attention to what strollers everyone had and I kid you not 99.9% of the strollers I saw were the UPPAbaby VISTA! Also, I love that this stroller can grow as your family grows (can work for up to 3 kids).

But lets back up a little bit, and start with the basics. I get a ton of questions on what color I went with and the answer is the Jake…all black. I did order the leather handlebar covers to add a bit of contrast to the all black look and I LOVE it. Lot of people think this is a separate stroller color, but it’s not, just removable leather covers. They zip on over top and look as if they came with the stroller.

Another must-have feature is the Carry-all Parent Organizer. I stash everything in there from my phone, to a bottle, to our portable white noise machine, and the list goes one! You can see everything in there in the picture below.

So, now, lets break down the stroller and the different features I have used and love:

UPPAbaby VISTA – The stroller comes with a Bassinet that has a sunshade as well as the Toddler Seat. The bassinet is awesome for when they are a newborn. Logan would nap in it everywhere while out and about and getting strolled around. I will say though, around 1.5 months, he started to not enjoy the Bassinet feature anymore. We think he really liked being upright and being able to look around, which he couldn’t with the Bassinet. We quickly switched to using his car seat (since technically he was too small for the Toddler Seat). But then, on a chance encounter in Newport with another new mom, I learned about the Infant SnugSeat. This is an insert for the Toddler Seat that allows you to use it much earlier. This is still what we use to this day! Our best friend’s baby is 5 months old and still loves the Bassinet, so I think it really depends on your baby.

One of my favorite features: the amount of room in the bottom of the stroller to store your belongings! It holds up to 30 pounds, so I have found it extremely useful while grocery shopping in the city! Or when I’m out shooting photos ha, I love having the stroller now to store extra belongings.

When needing to collapse the stroller, all it takes is one button and the stroller will easily collapse and fold in half. Both Matt, myself and our parents haven’t had any issues doing this and do so quite frequently with as much as we’ve been traveling.

Below are photos of the different seat options:

The Bassinet:

The Infant SnugSeat:

UPPAbaby MESA – Now on to the car seat. We truly love this car seat. Between having a car in the city and taking Ubers, the MESA has been put to good use. It is easy to move between the car and secure into place on our stroller and although it gets heavier by the week as Logan grows, it’s not too heavy and lighter than others I tried. We also find it relatively easy to strap into cabs for when we are getting around the city.

Using the MESA car seat attached to the stroller…

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