SNOO Review
July 15, 2019

Happy Monday, everyone! Kicking off this week by sharing our experience with the bassinet we used for Logan. For those who aren’t familiar with the SNOO, it is a responsive bassinet that provides calming motions that are similar to those while in the womb. Coming home from the hospital where Matt and I were actually alone with Logan for the first time, I was so worried about his breathing, sleeping, pretty much you name it and it crossed my mind (#FirstTimeParents). I had read about the SNOO and while I loved the sleeping benefits, I was most excited about a safe and secure place for Logan to be.

The SNOO comes with a built in swaddle (that you can take on and off), as pictured above. This added feature makes it that much more secure and prevents rolling over — for me, this provided some helpful peace of mind. I love that the swaddle has an inside velcro band to help keep his arms secure by his side and then you zip up the swaddle down the middle on the outside. Simple and easy. Depending how long you plan to keep your baby in the SNOO, the swaddles can allow for their arms to be out as well (which you do later on, we are just starting to try this now for Logan at 3 months). They also are available in varies sizes: small, medium and large.


To get Logan use to sleeping in the SNOO, I tried to get him to take a few of his naps in there each day as well, versus napping in his nursery or just in the living room/on us. Logan’s room runs a bit warmer (apartment living we have zero control), so it is nice to have the option to bring him into a cooler room with the SNOO when his room is too warm. You can also easily move the SNOO from room to room if you need to do so. Although we did not travel with it, the legs very easily come on and off, so you could definitely pack it for a trip away.

Although on the lower list of priorities, I personally also loved the aesthetics of the SNOO and how seamlessly it worked with the rest of our home design.

Every baby is so different, so SNOO also has a “rent” option which I think is amazing. It is $105/month and includes 3 free swaddles (small, medium and large). This way you could always test things out for a month and then commit to buying or just rent for the duration of use. Plus, I know some babies transition to the crib sooner than others (Logan is currently made this transition), so the rent option may be the answer if you know you will transition your baby sooner rather than later. For us, we know we want several kids, so investing in a quality bassinet made the most sense!

If you have any questions about our experience with the SNOO ask away!

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