How To Beat The Rainy Day Blues
April 4, 2018


Between the cold, the rain and the snow lately, I will be the first to admit that my mood has been a bit down in the dumps. Last week, while home in PA for Easter, the temps hit the mid 70’s and I truly for the first time in awhile felt like an entirely new person. It is so true that a little vitamin D really does do your body good. It was this day in particular that I also realized that spring is in fact just around the corner and I need to change my perspective and attitude on how I look at each day that may not fit that “perfect” spring day filter. I decided to make a list of a few simple things to help when I start to get those “rainy day blues” and thought I would share this list with you all as well. It can be applied to any day in your life (not just weather related) that you need a little pick-me-up or idea for conquering that day.

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Make a date – Any date! With yourself, a friend, family, significant other, your pet…you get the point! Having something to look forward to in the week helps make the week that much better. This could be a breakfast, lunch or dinner date or simply making a plan to go and shop around your favorite store. It could also be treating yourself to takeout one night so you don’t have to worry about the cooking and can just relax. The list goes on, but hopefully you get the gist of just having something set in stone and written on your calendar to get you excited about.

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Treat yourself – I have a few favorite coffee shops around our apartment that I love going to. Sometimes just getting our of your house or job (if possible) for a few minutes to clear your mind and get yourself a treat is the best answer. When home in PA, I love grabbing Hadley, getting in the car, rolling the windows down, listening to music and getting a almond milk latte (and puppuccino) from the Starbucks drive through!

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Listen to music – I do this all day every day, but sometimes I forget to turn music on when working from home and start to get into a mid-day slump, then quickly realize this could be why. I love adding songs to my Spotify playlist and listening to random stations to see what songs catch my attention. My taste for music is all over the place, I really don’t discriminate haha.

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Get cozy – As much as I am an advocate for getting up and ready for the day, there are many days where you just need to stay in loungewear all day long (the weekends typically fall into this category) and that’s okay! Toss on your favorite slippers, a cozy sweatshirt and pj shorts and embrace all the cozy feels.


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