Trader Joe’s Haul
March 23, 2018

Trader Joe's Haul

Happy Friday! What better way to head into the weekend than with a Trader Joe’s haul. I mentioned doing one of these on Instagram Stories the other week and when I took a poll about what today’s post should be yesterday it was an overwhelming “Trader Joe’s Haul” win! So, without further ado, here is my latest grocery run, what I picked up and why and also a list of a few things I keep on hand and love, but didn’t need this time around. Let me know if you have any questions and happy grocery shopping!

A little side note, a lot of what I buy is meat-free (have always been that way) and lately dairy-free. The dairy is due to when I came off birth control two years ago, my hormones went crazy as well as my skin. Going dairy free (90% of the time) has helped tremendously. More on that story another day! As for the meat-less options, I love fish and seafood, but haven’t ever been a big meat gal and Matt is totally fine with me not cooking it much at home. With that being said, any of these items can be bought with the “regular stuff” or you can easily add a meat protein instead of a veggie/fish.


Best Trader Joe's Products

Raisin Rosemary Crisps – Buy them and thank me later! They are so yummy with goat cheese and I love serving them when we have company. Similar crackers I love from Whole Foods cost about 5 times as much.

Organic Popping Corn – Years ago I gave up the microwavable kind for making it on the stovetop. Not only is this method way better for you, I think it tastes better as well. I place about 2T coconut oil in the bottom of my pot, toss in 3-5 kernels and once they pop you know your oil is hot and you can toss in the rest. There are three ways I like to doctor up my popcorn. The first is a savory way with vegan butter, hot sauce and a sprinkle of dairy free parmesan. The second is another savory way with truffle salt…to die for! And last, but not least, the third way is a sweeter option with vegan butter and cinnamon.

Thin Mini Crackers – These rice crackers are a great snack. They are extra crunchy and both Matt and I enjoy dipping them into hummus.

Gluten Free Crispbread – This is Trader Joe’s version of the GG Cracker I always talk about and love. While the calories in TJ’s brand is a bit higher, they are still packed with fiber and healthy ingredients. While Matt loves dipping these in hummus, I prefer the smear them with almond butter and top with either banana or raspberries. You can always find a bunch of GG Cracker “recipe” idea here.

Plantain Chips – I have to be careful with these bad boys because we go through them so fast because they are that yummy. I love making guac and using these to dip! They are also delicious on their own.


Trader Joe's

Dry Roasted + Lightly Salted Almonds – Such an easy snack to have on hand. I keep them in the freezer (they last longer and to me taste better cold). I constantly go in for a small handful when needing a quick, filling snack.

Crunchy Almond Butter (unsalted) – I use this for everything! On the crackers I mentioned above, bananas, apples, in oatmeal, sometimes smoothies, you name it!

Unsalted Dry Toasted Almond Slivers – These are great to add an extra crunch to things. I typically toss them on top of my smoothie or in a salad.

Hummus Horseradish – If you like things with a bit of a kick, you will love this hummus. It might be one of my favorites! Carrots dipped into this stuff is such a yummy snack.

Mediterranean Hummus – We go through hummus like toilet paper in our house, ha! But seriously, Matt alone can polish off a large tub in two sittings. This is one of our other favorites from Trader Joe’s, but truthfully when it comes to hummus we don’t discriminate.

Just Mango Slices – It takes ALL my willpower to only buy one bag of these. Why you ask? I will eat an entire bag in one sitting. Perfect for when you need a sweet treat.


Healthy Trader Joe's Finds

Acai Puree Packets (freezer section) I love my morning smoothie and acai bowls in particular, but if I were to buy an acai bowl out every day I think we’d have to move out of the city ($$$). This is the perfect solution for creating one at home and this way you know exactly what is going into it and you can have fun with toppings. I always make sure to buy the unsweetened version, it is already sweet enough!

Southwestern Chopped Salad – My favorite TJ’s bagged salad hands down. All the ingredients are so yummy, I love adding shrimp/veggie burger, almond sliver and avocado to doctor it up a bit and fill you up.

Wild Caught Crab Meat (freezer section) – You likely know this already, but I don’t eat a ton of meat. I am much more of a fish/seafood and veggie type of gal. Having this on hand is the best, it makes making crab cakes super quick and easy without any bread/fillers.

Red Lentil Pasta – Oh boy, I could eat this stuff every day. I will make a big batch of this pasta every other week (sometimes with a red sauce and sometimes with a vegan pesto) and toss in TONS of veggies. It keeps great in the fridge and once you make a big batch you have easy lunch/dinner meals ready to go.

Vegan Pesto – Speaking of this above, I was hesitant at first if I would enjoy it as much as the regular stuff and it is so good! I use it the most with the red lentil pasta, but also enjoy it as a topper on fish with some fresh squeezed lemon.

Vegetable Masala Burger – Not my favorite veggie burger out there, but my favorite of TJ’s if that makes sense?! I really enjoy this one, but have had others that taste more hearty. It is a great quick and easy meal to make. I love my veggie burgers on a toasted Ezekiel english muffin with sautéed onions and mushrooms, grey poupon and pickles!

Riced Cauliflower Stuffing – This just sounded so yummy and the perfect side dish to a meal.

Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry – For those days you are running late, but still want a healthy meal. Sautee this with a little bit of coconut oil, toss in some extra chopped veggies, scramble an egg and add shrimp and you are good to go.

Tempura Cauliflower – Are you seeing a trend?! I love cauliflower, but it also make the best substitute for the unhealthier version of things. I made this on Instagram Stories a little bit ago and told you all how much I loved it I had to buy it again. I usually make a side of rice with a splash of coconut aminos, add some roasted broccoli and top with sesame seeds for a yummy Asian fusion dish. The temperature of the cauliflower mixed with the warm sauce does cause it to lose its crispness a bit. The trick for the tempura cauliflower to stay crispy is to keep the sauce on the side and dip the cauliflower in.

Go-Macro Bars – Okay, so not really a meal, but let’s be honest we all have those mornings or days where we are running around and don’t have the time for an actual bite to eat. These are my absolute favorite bars in the entire world. Sunflower Butter is my go-to flavor and I keep them in the fridge and prefer them cold.


Trader Joe's

Organic Spinach – Always keep this on hand in my fridge. I toss it in smoothies and add it to my scrambled eggs or sauté with veggies.

Parisian Cucumbers – My favorite type of cucumber! Extra crunchy and so yummy with a little lemon juice and sprinkle of salt.

Jicama Sticks – I love these things! Super crunchy and have a fairly bland taste, but the perfect healthy option for dipping into hummus or guacamole.

Onion – Random I know, but I add onion to everything, and I mean everything!

Organic Rainbow Cauliflower (freezer section) – Great to keep on hand, toss with some coconut oil and sprinkle with everything but the bagel seasoning and roast in the oven at 425 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Broccoli & Cauliflower – Same as above, also love to dip into hummus and Hadley is a big fan as well.

Veggies & Greens Salad Kit – Another easy meal, but I also love tossing this with some coconut oil and everything but the bagel seasoning and roasting in the oven like the veggies above.

Avocados – I have at least three on hand at all times. I have a bit of an addiction, but who doesn’t these days! Avocado toast with everything but the bagel seasoning and a hard boiled eggs is one of my go-to breakfasts. I will eat avocados any which way!


Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

Truffle Honey Mustard – If it has the word truffle in it you better believe I am buying it! I tossed this with Brussels sprouts before roasting in the oven and it was delicious.

Green Goddess Salad Dressing – This is a newbie for me to try and am quite excited about it after all the reviews. It is also vegan, which is great with eliminating dairy as much as possible.

Coconut Aminos – Substitute for soy sauce!

Coconut Oil + Spray – Substitute for olive oil.

Everything But The Bagel Seasoning – DO NOT leave TJ’s without at least two jars of this stuff! I put it on almost everything. Eggs, veggies, sweet potatoes, the list goes on.

Chili Lime Seasoning – I use this the most for seasoning shrimp…yum!


Trader Joe's Healthy Beverages

Spindrift – One of the best seltzer brands out there (in addition to Waterloo). The only flavoring is the actual fresh squeezed fruit (or veggie for the cucumber flavor, my personal fav).

Kombucha – I drink about half a bottle at a time. This is great for your digestive system and helps you stay full for longer.


Trader Joe's Flowers

The best secret of Trader Joe’s is their super affordable flowers and plants. Not only are they a fraction of the cost, these roses in particular seem to last forever and bloom into huge white roses. No trip is complete without white/ivory roses and eucalyptus. I also spotted these succulents and picked up a few to add around the house.

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