L’occitane Immortelle Divine Collection
March 22, 2018

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Happy Friday eve, everyone! I have been loving switching up some of my posts to be a bit more informative and with spring officially here, I thought I would share an updated skincare routine I have been trying out over the last week. As I have mentioned before, I typically switch up and play around with my skincare routine each season. As the weather changes, my skin has different needs.

With turning 31 in a few months, I have been switching more and more of my skincare products to be anti-aging. I do what I can with keeping my face in particular out of the sun, sunblock on and always a hat, but sometimes you just need a little extra TLC. I was so excited to attend LikeToKnow.it and L’Occitane’s event last week (see images throughout), which showcased L’Occitane’s Immortelle Divine Collection, which is amazing! I couldn’t wait to get home and start playing around with each product and am finally getting to share with you all.

Immortelle Divine Anti-Aging Collection

Below I have listed out the five products I have been using, the steps I use them in and what I love about each one. As always, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!


STEP 1: Divine Cleansing Balm – To be honest, cleansing balms are something I never understood and then one day decided to give a try for taking off my makeup. Ever since that day my life was forever changed! It sounds dramatic I know, but this product (and balms in general) literally melt the makeup right off your face…even that stubborn mascara! It is such an easy first step and makes the rest of your routine a piece of cake.


STEP 2: Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream – Now that your makeup is removed, it is time for that extra deep clean. I use this product AM and PM, in the morning I start with this as step 1 since no makeup is on my face. This cream turns into a moisture-rich lather foam with water, helping achieve an extra deep clean without drying or damaging your face.


STEP 3: Divine Eyes – Also known as an instant pick-me-up for your eyes! This product helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and targets 360 degrees for a more youthful-looking appearance. Just be careful to gently pat around the eye area, this skin is extremely delicate so you want to use a soft touch.


STEP 4Divine Youth Oil – This product alone is such a game changer! It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and firming the skin. Make sure to warm the product between your fingertips and massage over your face and neck. You can also mix one drop of oil with the Divine Cream and apply if you want to combine two steps.


STEP 5: Divine Cream – Last, but not least, this is one of L’Occitane’s best selling creams, also known as their “miracle cream”. The best part about this cream is it almost works as make-up. I love applying this last step and a swipe of mascara and a tint of gloss on my lips and head out the door!

Immortelle Divine Collection


LIKEtoKNOW.it x L'Occitane : Event

Immortelle Divine Collection – 5 Products:

A big thanks to L’Occitane for partnering on this post!

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