The Best Way To Take Off Your Makeup + A “No-Makeup, Makeup” Look
March 29, 2018

Affordable Beauty Products

I decided to combine two posts into one since the two beauty/skincare topics I am chatting about today go hand in hand. Last weekend I was upstate visiting my in-laws and wanted to swing by Walmart to pick up a few of my go-to products. I typically will order these online from Walmart, but since we were out of the city it was easy to swing by, plus the prices are always about 1/3 of what things will cost me in the city! If ordering online, they offer free 2-day shipping with any order over $35, which is a great steal as well!

While I filled my cart with Easter candy, a few toys for Hadley, odds and ends for Matt, I found myself lingering in the beauty section pulling my favorite items for taking off my makeup and a few new products I wanted to try for creating a no-makeup, makeup look for spring and summer.

Makeup removal can be a tedious task. While I will be honest and admit that it is my least favorite things to do at the end of the day, it is also the most important. Over the years, I have found a routine that is seamless and works well for removing all my makeup efficiently and not leaving any residue in my hand towel after washing my face (isn’t that the worst?!). As much as I like wearing makeup, I want to make sure my skincare game is perfect too! When your skin’s good, you feel good and it can play a part on your confidence too when your skin co-operates for once. These teens skin problems that you have growing up, remember, everything will get better. You just have to be patient and consistent with your routine. Hopefully with time, you’ll see some positive changes, both to your skin and to the way your makeup sites as well.


(You can find all these products in their Spring Skin Care section)

One of the best ways to really refresh your skin for spring is by starting with a clean face. As I mentioned before, each season I like to switch things up a bit, but makeup removal is one thing I keep consistent because it is so important!

garnier micellar water

STEP 1 – Start with your eyes. I love using these round cotton pads and apply a generous amount of Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water to them. Gently start rubbing your eyes to remove any mascara and eyeliner.

neutrogena makeup wipes

STEP 2 – These Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Face Wipes are my favorite by far. They work so well for removing the rest of your face makeup and any left over mascara and/or eyeliner. Don’t forget to wipe under your chin and your upper neck and ears as well.

cetaphil face wash

STEP 3 – Once these two steps are complete, now it is time to wash your face and get rid of any makeup that is left. With having the other makeup products almost fully removed, you can allow the face wash to do it’s job and really deep clean your skin. If you haven’t yet tried Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash it is such a great product for an affordable price. This one in particular is for acne-prone skin, which I prefer to use in the warmer months when sweating a bit more throughout the day. It removes excess oil, controls shine and won’t over-dry your skin.

l'oreal pure clay mask

STEP 4 – Last, but not least, a few times a week I like to finish off this regimen by applying L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask. This mask helps detoxify and illuminate your skin while leaving it feeling extra clean. The perfect ending to having a fresh face!


(You can find all these products in their No Makeup Makeup section)

Walmart Beauty

When the warmer months roll around I truly believe in less is more when it comes to makeup application. I love creating a super natural look with other using a few products that compliment your existing features and skin tone.

e.l.f foundation serum

e.l.f foundation

STEP 1 – After moisturizing your face and applying any morning skincare products you prefer, start out by using either a BB Cream (for super light coverage) or a foundation serum, I really like e.l.f Beautifully Bare. This foundation serum has an SPF 25, which is important when out in the sun and creates a fresh, natural glow all while being extremely lightweight. Both of these products help even out your skin tone.

found blush

Best drug store beauty

STEP 2 – Apply a bit of FOUND Baked Illuminating Blush on your cheekbones and I also do a quick stroke down my nose since this has the benefits of a blush and highlighter in one. I prefer the color “peach glow” as it is the most natural against my skin tone.

l'oreal mascara

no makeup makeup

STEP 3 – If looking for mascara that works, but wont break the bank, these two options are for you! This primer is my go-to (under $6) and always in my make-up bag and then this mascara is under $9, available in 4 shades and a simple swipe to your lashes will make your eyes pop!

burt's bees

burt's bees lip shimmer

STEP 4 – No look is complete without a hint of color or gloss on your lips. Burt’s Bees has a lip shimmer that hydrates your lips and adds the perfect hint. Lately I have been loving the color “peony” as the final step to my look.

A big thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!

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