Creating A Cozy Guest Room
March 28, 2018

How to create a cozy guest room

With living in NYC, we are very fortunate to even have a room that we can call our guest room. I would say that Matt and I have sort of mastered the apartment search/hunt and have truly lucked out with both of our places we have lived in. Needless to say, our current guest room is teeny tiny and a bed would honestly take up the entire space. This room took a lot of thought on how I wanted it to come together to best utilize the space, but I think we found a great solution.

We opted for a pull-out couch and created a cozy hangout/reading nook, which can then transform into a bedroom when we have friends and family staying with us. I wanted to select pieces that made the space warm and inviting, while enhancing the space instead of clutter it.

Kendra Scott is well known for their incredible selection of jewelry, but they also have a variety of beautiful home decor pieces as well. As of today, they have added candles to their collection and have launched the most beautiful line with some of the best scents!  Each scent is available in a small and large size and there are currently four scents in the collection. You all know I take my candles very seriously; I am a firm believer that a good candle can help set the mood of your space. I am constantly swapping out candles each season, giving them as gifts, and styling them amongst our decor. What I love about their new candle collection is that you can choose different scents for each room (I went with their Signature scent for our guest room and Rose Quartz for our living room). But they smell amazing on their own and when burning together.

In the guest room, I use this small tray as decor for when the room is a reading nook, and then easily lift the tray up onto the windowsill, light the candle, and add some fresh flowers for when we have guests. It is the perfect combination for a warm welcome!

Kendra Scott Candle Launch

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A big thanks to Kendra Scott for partnering on this post!


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