July 17, 2017

Kismet, Fire Island

Happy Monday, all! I am sad to say our Fire Island vacation has come to an end, but excited to share a more in depth post about this magical place and where we stay, so stay tuned! Today though, I am sharing an easy and fun way of doing family dinner while on vacation where you minimize your time spent in the kitchen and maximize time together and a healthy, yummy meal.

When gearing up for this family vacation this year we decided the kids would all take a different night to cook so it would be less work for my in-laws. If you remember, I tried out Harbour Trading a few weeks back (see post here) for the first time and was blown away by the presentation, freshness and quality of the product. Dinner was on the table within 15 minutes and it was amazing. I knew I wanted to have my in-laws experience this as well and talked with Harbour Trading about scheduling a delivery to Fire Island and if it were possible.

A few things I learned throughout this process of shipping to Fire Island:

  • Always ask! I almost didn’t ask if Harbour Trading would be able to deliver to Fire Island due to knowing how complicated it is for anything to get there and no cars are allowed. When renting, you have to order your grocery orders online from one or two stores who know exactly how to package the product, delivery it to the correct freight ferry dock and in enough time for the one freight ferry a day that goes to each stop on the island (which happens to leave at 10am).
  • Track your package! Harbour Trading uses Fed Ex for a speedy delivery, but unfortunately it didn’t quite make it in time for the 10am freight departure (it arrived at 10:36am). I quickly called the freight dock and asked for them to do a huge favor and drop it off at the regular ferry (that people take over) and I would be waiting upon arrival and they did. Otherwise I would of had to risk it lasting overnight or take the ferry over to the mainland where the package was and then back over to where we were staying.
  • Call the ferry company you use to ask about the exact way you should address the package. It is a bit different from a typical shipment!
  • Call the freight ferry the night before and give them a heads up a delivery is headed their way.
  • All in all, it is all about communication when you are working with vendors that don’t typically ship to Fire Island, but it can be done!

After I knew the shipment was on it’s way over, Hadley and I headed to the ferry dock with our wagon to pick it up. Everything ended up being pretty seamless and when unboxing the delivery it was packaged extra well (with a special insulator) for keeping everything cold and fresh. The ice packs were still half frozen and the fish was icy cold! Very impressive if you ask me.

Our menu included shrimp tacos and yellowfin tuna which both came with delicious sides. I knew I wanted everything done on the grill so my fingers were crossed that the rain storm that quickly approached would pass and we could grill and eat outdoors. My brother-in-law manned the grill while Matt worked on the app (shrimp ceviche) and I set up the table. It was so fun all being together, enjoying our vacation home and being able to have a high end meal right on our back patio! These are the memories I love creating and will cherish forever.

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