Ocean House, Rhode Island
October 28, 2020

If you live in the Northeast, or happen to be visiting, I am going to let you in on this special little spot, the Ocean House in Rhode Island. I have been a handful of times for a bite or glass of wine when in the area, but this was the first time Matt and I stayed at the property and it was incredible, just as I had imagined.

I absolutely love New England, it holds a special place in my heart. The charm, character and just overall vibe is the best. You truly can’t go wrong visiting during any season, but I am particular to the fall with all the foliage. What I love about the Ocean House is it serves as a “one stop shop” type of place. There isn’t a ton to do in Watch Hill, RI so it is nice to get there, enjoy the property and all the amenities and relax. Town is super small, but a 3 minute walk away and Matt and I also enjoyed going on a drive just to see the beautiful homes, beaches and landscape of this area.

Whether you are staying at the Ocean House or not, they currently (through the winter) have a fondue village experience which was a fun switch up to your traditional meal. I will say, the gondola was a bit tricky with a very active 1.5 year old! We did have to pull out all the stops (endless food, paci, a show) to get through the dinner without everything all over the place, but it was a success!

If you are looking for a romanic getaway or a family trip, I would recommend for both! Also, they are pet friendly which was amazing for bringing Hadley along. Our friends came here on their winter babymoon and did one of their cooking classes and had a blast. They honestly are accommodating to everyone. If you all have any specific question, let me know!

Ocean House
Ocean House

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