Logan’s Bedroom Inspiration
March 1, 2021

Why is it that kids rooms are just so much fun to design and style?! I always stress the least about Logan’s room and just enjoy the process of trying to bring my vision to life. As much as I love his current nursery, it just started to feel too “baby” and as sad as it is to say he’s becoming such a big boy, he is! I wanted a room to reflect that and be able to grow with him for years to come. My vision started with this feather wallpaper (in denim) and stemmed from there. Logan’s room at our new house has wainscoting, so just the top half will be wallpaper, which I like so it isn’t too over baring. Also, his current rocker will be going in the new nursery and we upgraded to a slightly larger one for his room which also has a foot stand that comes out which is so nice! Both are from Monte whom we absolutely love!

I will continue to update you all with any changes I make, but most of the items below I have already ordered and can’t wait to incorporate!

Emery Linen/Cotton Blackout Curtains (Oatmeal)// Pewter Room Darkening Curtain Rod & Wall Bracket // Denim Colored Feather Wallpaper // Name Pennant // Smoked Gray Crib // Swivel Chair-brushed cotton linen in “beach” with gold base // Rug // Book Caddy (also here) // Smoked Gray Dresser // NYC print // Lamp

Updates: Floating Shelf (similar) // Similar Sail Boat // Shadowbox Embroidered Sweater

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