Family Pizza Night
March 10, 2021

One of our favorite things to do (especially on the weekends) is make homemade pizza. Matt and I have been doing this for years and it has been fun incorporating Logan in on the tradition! I am always looking to get Logan involved in the kitchen and to be honest he has a blast. I have to embrace the mess (which at first was a bit of a shock) and enjoy the time spent with him learning and helping out all while having fun. He has become quite the little sous chef, you can check out videos on my Instagram Highlights under “chef Logan”.

While we don’t make the dough from scratch…yet, I like to try and get it from a local pizza shop. When that isn’t an option, Trader Joe’s has some great dough and some of my favorite pizza sauce. I recently picked up this pizza stone after reading reviews online and it has been great, I can’t wait to break it in in our new kitchen at the house!

I also thought I would list our a few other kid-friendly recipes that I love getting Logan involved in, incase you need some ideas. You can see him “at work” on my Chef Logan Instagram Story Highlight.

Kitchen Gadgets…

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