On The Go Beauty Products
August 28, 2020

So a little life/mom hack I started a few months back is keeping a small bag of on the go beauty products I can grab before heading out the door that help be feel a little more put together on days I wouldn’t otherwise have time. While I try and get up early, plan, etc., more often then not we are rushing to get out the door with Logan to maximize his awake time between naps. Often I would be getting ready for the day around 1pm during his second nap or just not at all. While there are plenty of days I go makeup free, I personally feel more productive when I have even just a slap of mascara on.

on the go beauty products

I snagged a few of my favorite beauty products form Walmart and put them in a small cosmetic bag. This way, I can grab it and apply a few things in the car, park or wherever I have a few free minutes. It is also easy enough to move from car to stroller to diaper bag to my tote. Personally, this has been a big game changer for me so thought I would share with you all.

You can find my go-tos listed out below. If I could only choose two things to wear every day, it would be a eyelash primer and mascara!

on the go beauty products

Hand Sanitizer // Mascara Primer // Mascara // Tinted Moisturizer // Lip Balm // Lip Gloss // Hair Brush // Cosmetic Bag // Hair Ties // Dry Shampoo

A big thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!

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