Easy Baby Meal Ideas
April 17, 2020
easy baby meal ideas

Happy Friday, everyone! I have loved sharing what I am feeding Logan over on Instagram Stories and have had so many requests to compile in a blog post, so here you go! I know we are all always looking for inspiration, especially when it comes to feeding our littles, so my hope is this provides a few new ideas for you to tuck in your back pocket. Also, I once read that if your child doesn’t care for something at first, give it a total or six tries over a few weeks. Each time try the food item prepared a new way. For example, sweet potatoes: roasted and diced, mashed, sprinkle some cinnamon, sweet potato fries, sweet potato patties, etc!

Also, I think it is important for you to feel comfortable with what you are feeding your little one just as much as their comfort level eating it. What I mean by this is feeding our babies solids is scary! I will be the first to admit it. Still to this day I stare at Logan while he eats, watching how he chews, swallows, etc. A few things that have helped me become more comfortable are cutting everything into super tiny pieces and giving him just one or two at a time. Logan STUFFS his mouth (the kid loves food), so if I put his entire trey down he would attempt to stuff everything in his cheeks at once. So I typically place a few things down on his trey at a time. Also, constantly offer water. It is good for them, but also helps wash down what they are eating and give them breaks in between bites.

I am slowly, but surely adding to my “Feeding Littles” section of my blog under Motherhood, so you can always check back there for new ideas. I also shared our favorite feeding supplies/items at the bottom of this post, so hopefully you find that helpful. Have a great weekend, you guys!

baby led weaning
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