Amazon Favorites
April 23, 2020

I think I can speak for all of us that Amazon has become even more of my BFF during this quarantine. I actually started working on my Amazon Favorites posts back in February, but wanted to take my time with what I put on this list. Everything below are items I have been using and loving and whole heartedly stand behind. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy this round-up. Also, let me know if you have any favorites I missed! One I forgot to add is they flyaway tamer (shared on Stories and saved in my “Beauty 2” Highlight. It has been SAVING my postpartum crazies.

Headbands– This 3 pack is offered in a bunch of different color combos and only $12.99! Perfect solution for all of us needing a hair appointment asap these days.

Pens– I am big on making lists and keeping organized with my planner and love the perfect skinny marker pen to use. This 24 pack from Amazon is perfect and has the best colors too.

No Show (adult) Socks– A question I always get are what types of socks I wear with my Golden Goose sneaks that don’t show and these are them! Just ordered another pair as I truly wear them every single day.

UGG Slipper Dupes– The coziest memory foam slippers for a fraction of the cost.

Bibs– These bibs are the best. Easy to clean and catch everything while Logan eats. He then goes in and grabs pieces from his bib at the end of his meal. They come in a two pack and a bunch of color combos.

Glass Tumbler– Literally the only way I make sure to consistently drink water throughout the day. I ditched all my plastic and made the switch to glass years ago.

2 Piece Baby pjs– The SOFTEST pjs. Logan wears size XS. Lots of colors.

Amber Glass Bottles– We have these in Logan’s room and in our kitchen and bathroom. I buy custom decals off of Etsy and label each bottle for what it is: baby lotion, hand soap, bottle soap, etc.

Baby Grip Socks– Okay, after hearing rave reviews about these I had to give them a try. I also decided to stick with the 6-12m after reading peoples thoughts. When they first arrived they looked huge, but everyone said to first wash and dry them and they will shrink down (only the first wash) and fit great. We have really enjoyed them and they work well staying on Logan’s feet!

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