What I’ve Been Wearing
April 27, 2020

We all can agree that everything that has been going on has been a new experience for all of us. There are new norms and we all are working to navigate each day as best as we can while trying to remain positive and optimistic. I think self care is extremely important right now and that can look different for everyone, but important to practice. Aside your typical “me” time, I have found myself on Anthropologie picking up a few new goodies as that always helps brighten the mood.


One thing I take a lot of joy in is walking Hadley. It forces me to get out while keeping the appropriate social distancing, but also helps break up the day. A little fresh air is good for the soul, even if that means just opening up your windows. Logan enjoys being outside as well and observing everything around him.

I have realized that when it comes to what I have been wearing, there are two types of days I dress for. If I know I have a lot on my plate work wise that needs to get done, I force myself to get fully ready and that includes putting on a pair of jeans. Personally, I am just way more productive this way. On the other days that are a bit more low key, leggings, my favorite tie-dye sweatshirt and new sneakers (also loving these) are the answer. 

All of my pieces featured are from Anthropologie. They have so many options that are the perfect balance of dressing up or down. Both of my tops can be styled numerous ways and they even have a “cozy-at-home” edit on their site which is fun to look through! Would love to hear if you all have been “getting dressed” or keep more loungewear/cozy? Let me know in the comments below!

cozy outfit

At home favorites…

A big thanks to Anthropologie for partnering on this post!

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