UPPAbaby Vista vs. Nuna TRIV
February 27, 2020

Whenever I post UPPAbaby VISTA (stroller on left) or Nuna TRIV (stroller on right) content on Instagram Stories, I typically get an influx of questions on what I love, what I don’t, why I went with this over that, and the difference between the two. I mentioned the other day I would write a blog post comparing the two strollers we have, so hopefully this helps you all when making your decision! As silly as it sounds, the stroller decision is such a personal one and I realize that so many different factors can impact your choice. Hopefully hearing some of my thoughts helps!


Do your research! – This was one of the things that I did while pregnant and deciding what stroller would be best for our current situation and every day needs living in a city. I took it beyond online reseach and I started to be more aware of what strollers I saw when out and about and paid close attention to the make and style. I also talked to some friends that were living in a simialr situation as us (#citylife). Honestly, 90% of the strollers I came across in the city were UPPAbaby VISTA! Once I made note of that I started digging deeper into why this stroller would be ideal for our family and went from there (more on this below).

Take into consideration how often you will be using your stroller and where – Similar to above, but if you live in the suburbs, have a car and aren’t using your stroller as often, you likely wont feel the need to invest in something top of the line. My situation is the reverse, we use it all day every day and it truly is our home on wheels. I needed something sturdy, durable and could grow with us as our family grows.


My ride-or-die pick hands down for every day use. I look at this stroller as my third child (can’t leave Hadley out of the kid count!) and don’t know what I would do without it. It first peeked my interest when I saw pretty much everyone who pushed a stroller in the city with it, so I was curious to see what it was all about.


  • Extremely durable, cruises over sidewalks, bumps, cracks, etc. and easy to push…even one handed (key when walking a dog as well).
  • Can grow with you family and fit up to 3 children (can attach 2 seats and a kick stand to ride on).
  • Big basket underneath for holding everything – SO KEY having to go grocery shopping sans car in the city! Holds up to 30lbs although I am sure I have pushed that weight limit further ha. Once you loose teh bassinet, you get even more room below.
  • Loved the bassinet feature (see above photo) when Logan was an infant. So incredibly easy to get him in and out and perfect for long stroller naps while cruising the streets.
  • Great customer service, somehow our Rumble Seat cracked (#cityliving) and they sent a replacement within two days, no questions asked.
  • If you don’t have the MESA car seat by UPPAbaby, you can buy attachments! I know a lot of my friends have the attachments (works for Maxi-Cosi, Nuna + Cybex) for their Nuna PIPA car seat.


  • Bulky/heavier, which makes it not ideal for travel in my opinion. ALTHOUGH, someone just messaged me on Instagram the other night saying when you have more than one kid the VISTA will be your bff for travel because it can accommodate up to 3!
  • I believe it is the largest of the UPPAbaby strollers, but for us, that is what we were looking for, but could be a con for others!

Gear I have and love for our UPPAbaby VISTA:


We realized quickly that as much as we loved our VISTA, it wasn’t ideal for all the traveling we wanted to do, especially with airports, cars, trains, etc. involved. There are a bunch of great travel options out there and I know a lot of people swear by the Doona (car seat + stroller in one), but my issue with that is it only has about a year lifespan. As soon as your child switches out of the infant car seat, you can no longer use the Doona. It was an expensive item with not a lot of use. Also, I know car seats expire, so I am not even sure you could use with your other kids? Anyways, I digress, but we were looking for a travel stroller that could connect to a car seat, but also have a traditional seat as well.


  • Fits overhead on a typical size plane
  • Lighter weight
  • Collapses with one hand…super easy and quick


  • I don’t believe it is compatible with other car seats aside from Nuna, but after having both the Nuna PIPA and UPPAbaby MESA, my overall pick is the Nuna PIPA (nap shade and lighter in weight).
  • Smaller bottom basket, not much fits
  • Doesn’t glide as smoothly over curbs, sidewalks, etc. I feel like I have to have two hands on the handlebar at all times

Gear we have for the Nuna TRIV:

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