I’ve Been Influenced: Favorite Finds From Other Influencers
February 25, 2020
influencer finds

Over the past month or so I have became hooked on people reviewing products and sharing their thoughts, especially ones that are used over and over again. It got me thinking that I should write a post called “I’ve been influenced” and share some of my personal favorite things that I discovered through others! Sharing is caring and that is one the the things I love most about this career, is being able to share knowledge with you all, whether it is something I find on my own or discover through others. I also plan to share over on Instagram Stories, so you can get a better idea of how each things works (if it needs some more explanation).

flyaway tamer

Flyaway Tamer – Holy moley, I wish I had this 5 months ago, but better late than never! Discovered via Daryl-Ann and this gadget is every postpartum mom’s dream (or even if you have crazy flyaways/whispys). Sharing how to use it over on Instagram Stories, but in one easy swipe, your flyaways are put in place all day!

mom's one line a day

Mom’s One Line A Day – I saw Lauren post about this as she received it as a gift and I instantly went and ordered it. I wish I had it from the day Logan was born and think it is such a sweet gesture for any mom to be. Logan does so many funny things or there are days I just want to make sure I always remember, so I take a minute at the end of each day and jot it down here.

UNREAL candy

UNREAL – Literally everything by this brand is dangerously good and some days I wish I never saw Kate talking about it haha. I have the biggest sweet tooth, but what I love about UNREAL is all their products is they have mastered re-making all your favorites, but without the bad stuff! They use vegetables for coloring products, nothing artificial, vegan, gluten free and the list goes on. These coconut bars are my FAVORITE and I go through a bag way too fast!

baby smock

Baby Smock – GAME CHANGER, especially for pasta (aka red sauce) night in the Kremer household. Saw this while stalking Jean’sAmazon favorites” and immediately ordered. It helps preserve Logan’s outfit while eating something messy and not having to be in the nude, ha!

fluffy slippers

Cozy Slippers – I am a bit of a slipper connoisseur and hold my slippers to a very high standard! I also pack them whenever we travel, as it is just a comfort form home I enjoy to bring along. I saw Taylor share these super affordable ones from Amazon and kept talking about the quality and coziness. They looked legit so I ordered a pair of my own and am hooked. They have a memory foam bottom and the faux fur lining is also inside the slipper.

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