The Best Personalized Baby Gifts
July 23, 2019

I have been meaning to write this post for some time because I truly have been so touched at all of the adorable and thoughtful gifts we have received since Logan’s birth. Truth be told, I have more fun going through his stuff than shopping for me! In this post I wanted to include some of the best personalized baby gifts incase any of you need ideas or are shopping for a little one of your own!

Customizable Library Book Stamp + Books – Hands down one of my favorite gifts EVER! We love reading to Logan and cherish those times together. While Matt and I have picked out all the books for now, I can’t wait to see which become his favorites as well as new books Logan chooses. I thought this stamp was precious and went to town stamping all of his book in his collection. While I am not sure where this stamp was from, I found a bunch of options on Etsy. Our family friends who gifted this to us sent the stamp, two ink pads and 5 of their grandchildren’s favorite books!

customizable library stamp
customizable library stamp

A few of our favorite books…

Duffle Bag + Book Bag – Our best friends who had a baby boy 2.5 months before Logan got us this adorable set from a shop here in NYC called Promises NYC. We get SO much use out of these bags, they are the perfect size for Logan and for now I fill the book bag with all his toys for when we go away and use the duffle for his clothes.

Monogrammed Sweater – I about died when I opened this from one of Matt’s co-workers. It is just the cutest thing ever and I can’t wait for Logan to be big enough to fit in it! The sweater is from The Monogrammed Home and they have so many adorable items as well.

monogrammed baby sweater

Name Puzzle Stool – This was another fun gift idea and I love that it will be incredibly useful as Logan gets older. Not only is it a stool, but the letters that make up his name are also puzzle pieces. These are super customizable, all sorts of colors, shapes, etc.

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