Outer Banks Photo Diary
July 19, 2019
Outer Banks

This post is a little overdue, but it has been a bit of a whirlwind ever since getting back from our trip to the Outer Banks. For those asking, we stayed in Corolla and it was so much fun! To catch you up to speed, we planned a big family vacation with Matt’s side of the family, so there were 15 Kremers in one house! We knew that the Outer Banks was the best answer for a destination (and also gave everyone the option of driving too). Also, the fact that you can get a house with a pool and also steps away form the beach (for a semi affordable price) was a big benefit, especially for the few of us with kids who needed to nap (we could then still hang at the pool with monitors).

A few years ago we came down for a trip with my family and stayed out in Corova (which was basically the next “town” from where we stayed this time). I LOVED that area as you have to drive onto the beach to get to the houses – there is something so magical about it. There are also all these wild horses that you see out that way, which is fun as well. This time though we thought being a bit closer to town with so many kids was best for our group.

Speaking of being closer to town, a few of us checked out the Adventure Park close by one morning and it was AWESOME. I snapped a quick picture below, but highly recommend as something fun and adventurous to do.

I typically get a bunch of questions on what we travel with for Logan. I have touched on the basics in a bunch of previous posts, but here are a few other items we typically bring.

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