Baby Registry: Beach Edition
July 8, 2019

I have loved writing and sharing these baby registry posts with you all and have enjoyed your feedback that they have been helpful! The entire baby registry process can seem overwhelming, but I have found Walmart’s baby registry to be simple, easy and helpful. Sometimes it is easier to break up the registry by sections and take it bits at a time when putting one together, so I thought why not share a few of our beach must haves for Logan that would be great registry additions!

Also, if you aren’t familiar with Walmart’s registry process, they offer a personalized item list that is easy to edit and replace, a baby welcome box, an app that makes updating your registry super easy and free returns!

baby registry
  1. Travel Bassinet – This gadget has been SUCH a life saver! We received it as a gift form one of Matt’s co-workers and I had no idea just how much we would use it. It has been awesome for letting Log nap on the go and it fold up slim, is lightweight and easy to carry from place to place.
  2. Sun Hat (pink + white combo here) – A lot of you have asked about Logan’s sun hat and it is this one! There is an adjuster to make it more fitted to his head and has a chin strap tie. This hat provides a good deal of shade off Logan’s face.
  3. Inflatable Pool Float – We picked this up to test out with Logan as the house we rented for the week of July 4th has a pool. The canopy detaches and it is very easy to manually blow up. The seat part raises up, but just note that your babe’s butt will still get a bit wet. Logan seemed to enjoy this little float!
  4. Board Books – We love board books regardless, but these are key for being at the beach. Easy to brush the sand off and we love reading to Logan. Having these with us also helps maintain his nap routine if he will be going down for one at the beach.
  5. Clip On Fan – The summer months can get really hot and humid and while we try and limit the amount of time spent in the extreme heat, there are times you can’t avoid it. This clip on fan has been a life saver. We use it on Logan’s stroller, took it to the beach for an extra breeze, etc.
  6. Portable Sound Machine – I always have this with me when out on the go. Logan doesn’t always need it for naps, but I like to use it to stay consistent and it helps him know when it is time for a nap.
  7. WubbaNub Pacifier – These are a registry must. First, I think they are adorable and love to see what animal people pick out. Secondly, They help stay in place when in use because of the little stuffed animal. Lastly, Logan has been learning to grab things and it is so cute to see him grip these while using. You can clean them by tossing them in with their laundry and then I just give the paci part and extra rinse after.
  8. Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap – I know this one isn’t totally beach related and you may be wondering why I would add it to my registry at all, but hear me out. I had a ton of questions about how I clean Logan’s bottles when we travel and I shared that process on Instagram Stories as well as this soap that we use. This is the soap they used in the hospital so I have just used it since. I go through A LOT of soap as I am constantly washing bottles and pump parts throughout the day. It can add up cost wise and I would have loved to think to put this on my registry to start building up a supply.
  9. Swim Trunks – Just something fun as I know a lot of people enjoy buying clothes. This pair of swim trunks caught my eye, but Walmart has such a large selection for boys and girls.
  10. Musical Toy – We loved bringing this toy to the beach as it was easy to clean and had all the bells and whistles in one (lights & music).

A big thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!

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