Summer Beauty Must Have
June 24, 2019

When I discover a beauty product I love I always have to share it with you all! Tula launched a new exfoliating sugar scrub at the beginning of this month and it is AMAZING, especially for this time of year when sweat, dirt and sunblock build up in your pores. This scrub is a must on my vacation packing list and I try and use it 2-3 times during the week to give my skin a really fresh scrub and extra glow.

It contains papaya and pineapple, leaving your skin smelling like summer. I enjoy using this scrub at night to really get a deep cleanse and also on a night where I don’t plan to wear any (or minimal) makeup the next day so my face can really breathe and take a break. Taking care of your skin is important year round, but I try and pay extra close attention during the warmer months where there is more difficult conditions on your skin, especially if you live in a humid city like me!

Would love to hear from you all about what beauty product you can’t live without during the summer months?! A few other Tula products I enjoy this time of year are their cooling and brightening eye balm, face cleanser and day and night cream. Pairing one or two products with a beach bag (love this round one and this straw one) is such a great gift idea if you are in need of a gift idea!

Also, a lot of you had questions about this battery-powered phone charger that I shared while away on this trip. Linking it here for you all!

As always, TULA is amazing and is giving you all 20% off their site (doesn’t apply to bundles or auto delivery) with code: KENDALL.

TULA exfoliating sugar scrub
summer skincare

A big thanks to TULA for partnering on this post!

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