Lets Chat Self Care
May 30, 2019

Lets chat self care, shall we? Now more than ever I have realized the importance of self care and taking a little time for yourself. In the busy world we live in, there is constantly something that we can be doing and if you are like me, more often than not you tend to de-prioritize yourself when trying to juggle your time. With being a new mom, I have experienced this first hand and have really put everything I could possibly imagine before myself, up until the other day when Matt insisted that I stop what I was doing and take some quiet time just for me. I was reluctant at first, but he insisted, and I gave in and went for a manicure and a massage. Best decision ever — I felt so refreshed and like a new person when I got home.

When you are constantly on the go, you quickly forget what even a 30 minute recharge can do for you. My hormones have been all over the place post pregnancy, which means so has my skin. I was therefore really excited recently to take a hot bath and try out L’Occitane’s new Soothing Face Mask, part of their first-ever mask collection! They recently launched this yogurt-like mask to soothe and freshen the skin, in addition to a Purifying Mask and Radiance Scrub to create the ultimate multi-masking experience for all skin needs! Doing a little at home pampering is the perfect way to relax and reset.

A few of you have also asked me for gift ideas for new moms. Now that I am experiencing the newborn stage first hand, I think any sort of pampering gift for myself would be amazing. You could pair one of L’Occitane’s face masks with a lip scrub and/or a tinted lip balm for a perfect “new mom” gift to encourage a little me time!

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