My Mom’s Apple Crisp Recipe
October 1, 2018

apple crisp recipe

After so many requests for this recipe (trust me, you wont be disappointed!), I decided the easiest way was to make this a blog post. That way you can save it to Pinterest and reference it whenever you are in the mood for a sweet treat! Matt and I had so many apples after our weekend away upstate at Weed Orchards & Winery, I knew immediately what I wanted to make: homemade apple crips. My mom’s apple crisp recipe is hands down my favorite desert she has ever made and I request it every time I am home in the fall. I am not kidding when I say I always have a few bites for breakfast the next day, it truly is so addicting and good. A few things I eyeball when making (mainly the amount of apples and cinnamon), so if you have any questions just let me know in the comments below.

weed orchard

apple picking upstate

upstate new york orchards

apple crisp

< how you layer the apples + cinnamon – above is 1 1/2 layers >

easy fall deserts

< apple crisp assembled and waiting to go in the oven >


< patiently waiting…. >

the best apple crisp recipe

I mixed and matched the types of apples to create a diverse flavor. Matt and I filled the apple bag in the pictures a little more than half way full and I used all but maybe 4 apples for this dish. Also, my mom uses this apple peeler, I couldn’t find one in the city, but was blown away how well this little gadget did the trick! If slicing and wanting to prep the dish in advance (this is what I did) you can add a tiny bit of orange juice to the apples and toss them and place in a ziplock bag so they wont get brown. You can also toss with the OJ and assemble the dish and wrap well until you need to stick it in the oven. I’m pretty generous when it comes to the cinnamon in the recipe. I ended up adding a lot more cinnamon to the layers after I took the  photo and asked my mom if I needed more. 

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