Bachelorette Trip Ideas
May 8, 2018

Whether it has been for a girls trip, bachelorette or somewhere that Matt and I have traveled, there are a few places that have stuck out that would make such a fun bachelorette location. This idea came to me over the past two weeks as I have had two bachelorettes back to back. I always love getting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head to a place that has the perfect mix between relaxation, great restaurants and some nightlife. Also, please excuse the iPhone pic quality on these, a lot were before iPhone’s took great photos and when on group trips I try to live more in the moment and just snap on my phone, not my DSLR.


Savannah Travel Guide

bachelorette themes

Savannah Bachelorette

savannah bachelorette ideas

Savannah – We will start here since it is still fresh on my mind as I am just getting back from this trip. Savannah is such an easy flight from NYC (about an hour and a half) and there is so much to do and see. I wrote a blog post a few years back when Matt and I visited on the top things to do while in Savannah. That can be a great reference for anyone planning a trip. This past weekend we stayed on Tybee Island which was a fun change from traditional downtown. There were 10 of us gals so we rented a house with a pool and a quick walk to the beach. Tybee Island is about 25 minutes from downtown Savannah, so it wasn’t hard getting back and forth. It was the perfect balance of relaxation during the day and then the excitement of downtown at night.


Charleston Travel Guide

Charleston Bachelorette

Charleston Bachelorette Ideas

Best bachelorette locations

Charleston – This is where we had my bachelorette and even though we were “blessed” with a good luck hurricane and had to be evacuated (true story), it was still one of the best weekends! Similar to Savannah, we decided to stay on Folly Beach and rent a house. Although we ended up having to wing a lot of the weekend (everyone had a lot of outdoor things planned), there are so many fun restaurants and bars and for the quick minute we could be outside and the city is so charming. I will say, a tiki/party bus was rented to take us to dinner and around to some bars one night and it was AWESOME! Fun fact, the next day when we were being evacuated, our tiki bus driver was the only one willing to risk coming onto the island to take us off. Matt and I are actually heading back here in June with my parents for a “re-do” trip so we can finally explore and walk around. I will be sure to create a travel guide this time around!


the floating farmhouse

Catskills dream house

Catskills bachelorette

catskills vacation rental for a large group

Catskills farmers market

wood burning pizza oven

The Floating Farmhouse – This place is a DREAM! I mean the house itself is just stunning. Our bride-to-be on this bachelorette is super relaxed and low key and just wanted a fun weekend to lounge around, hang out and enjoy getting out of the city. We hired a chef one night (which was incredible), headed into town to check out the farmer’s market and grab some ingredients to make homemade pizzas in their wood burning oven, had a yoga instructor come to the house and checked out the one and only bar in town for a very memorable night.


Fort Lauderdale Bachelorette


Where to go out in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Bachelorette House Rental

Pure Barre Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale – I am trying to remember, but I think this was the first bachelorette I have ever been to! The weather was still a bit chilly in the city, so it was the perfect escape for a warm weekend away. Once again we rented a house (so much fun this was) and spent our time between the beach, house pool, restaurants and checking out the bars on the main strip. We also did a Pure Barre class which was so fun! They gave us the entire studio and then had wine and mimosas for us after the class.

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